7 Great New Movies You Can’t Miss This Fall

As the weather gets cooler, newly released movies move away from flashy summer blockbusters to more intellectual and thrilling films. Fall is always a great time to catch new and exciting movie releases. These seven movies are at the top of everyone's must-see list, and they come out in just

4 Of The Best Medical Movies Of All Time

Medicine has fascinated humanity for eons, which has inspired people to pursue careers through a radiology program online and even create films that have captured audiences around the world. The following are 4 of the most celebrated films regarding the medical industry to grace the big screen. Patch Adams Patch Adams is

Cosplay on a Budget: 4 Low-Cost Costume Tips

Standard, off the shelf cosplay costumes can end up costing hundreds of dollars, and don't always have that personal touch that makes cosplay truly wonderful. Sure, they’re nice, and if you have the cash for that, great! You can customize the costume and make it your own, but you're still

Essential Nerdy Items You Need to Have in Gym

Essential Nerdy Items You Need to Have in Gym

Geeks and gyms may have started off on the wrong foot, but today they have a relationship which is free of prejudices and past grievances. Motifs from the world of geekdom have been appearing in the gyms, which now makes these places appealing both to fitness and nerd sensibilities. Hence, one

Latest Fashion Trend Inspired by Nerdy Look

Latest Fashion Trend Inspired by Nerdy Look

image source Who would have thought that ‘nerdy’ came to be something trendy and chic? Years back, being a nerd was unpopular and looked down on, but today everything is different. Today, nerdy look stands for confident, stylish, sexy, and seductive, but loses none of its initial charm and appeal. For those

Nerd Relay – Tom Reviews Doom

Tom reviews the latest Doom game from id Software and Bethesda Softworks. Does the latest game in the Doom franchise ascend into the annals of gaming history like its predecessors, or will it forever rot in hell? Find out!

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