9 Of The Wackiest Gifts (That Are Actually Practical)

Useful, practical gifts don’t have to be bland and boring. If you’re looking for a gift for someone that delights in oddities but appreciates practicality, this is the guide for you! These gifts come in a wide range of prices, too, so that your budget doesn’t take a beating. Public Toilet

Film Review: The Martian – Is This Ridley Scott’s Best Movie?

It’s no secret that Ridley Scott’s recent directorial projects haven’t been to a similar standard that we have come to expect from the talented director. In 2012 he released the highly anticipated Alien prequel, Prometheus, which did little else but frustrate Alien fans. A year later came the Counselor, which,

The Top 5 Nerdiest Smartphone Add-Ons

With smartphones being as common as they are, lots of users are looking to customize their phones to reflect their own personality and style. So how do you use your smartphone to let your geek flag fly? If you want your coworkers to envy your hyper-nerdy accessory, or make your