How To Become A Supervillain In 10 Easy Steps

Joker cartoon laughing supervillain

Did you wake up this morning reach for your Deathstar blue prints and decide that you need more garbage units as ‘mwah ha ha’ they are all the better to crush unsuspecting visitors with? Did you do this from within the depths of your secret lair whilst being waited on hand

Film Review: Paper Towns – Do the pages of this John Green novel stand up on the big screen?


Last year John Green’s most recent novel, The Fault In Our Stars, was adapted to film. This movie received mixed reviews. Many fans of the book loved the movie, whilst some more critical thinkers weren’t big fans. Nonetheless, the film performed well at the box office. I’m yet to see the

Why you need to dye your hair lavender, right now

lavender hair

There are so many gorgeous colours to dye your hair. From the more standard shades of blondes, reds and browns to the sumptious pinks, blues, greens and purples - whether in rich deep tones or hues of pastel there is something for everyone, and today I am going to concentrate

7 things we want to see in The Flash season 2

the flash season 2 suit

Editor's note: This article was written by Susie McBeth and Neel Bhatt.  The series finale of The Flash left us with our hearts in our mouths, jaws dropped open from wanting more and not knowing what to do (or what to watch) next. This brand new telling of Barry Allen's  origin story

Own your own Ludo from Labyrinth

labyrinth - ludo - movie monsters

Etsy shop owner and artist ImmortalPomegranate has used her stunning skills and brought to life via needle felting, one of Jim Henson's most beloved monsters, Ludo from the cult movie Labyrinth. This is a beautiful hand-made piece of needle-felting art. The likeness from the movie and the spirit of the character