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  1. dragontech64
    dragontech64 at | | Reply

    I am still pulling for Rupert Gint, if for no other reason than the Doctor could FINALLY be a ginger. Besides, he really is an actor with great range and talent.

  2. patsijean
    patsijean at | | Reply

    I would like to see either Rupert Grint (enough with the typecasting stormageddon) , because of his talent, his sturdy body type is not the lanky type we are used to and could open the role up to a more physical Doctor, his red hair links to the small percentage of earthling who carry that gene, and his ability to deliver snark or anger while still exuding charm will inspire loyalty.

    Another actor I prefer is Robert Carlyle. While my viewing time of “Once Upon a Time” is spotty now, his performance as Rumplestiltskin/ Mr. Gold is steller and the only reason I watch any more.

  3. Heathen
    Heathen at | | Reply

    Chiwetel Ejiofor. Hands down that guy would blow the pants off this role. Seeing him in Serenity, Kinky Boots, amonst others he’d be perfect for it.

  4. ABiPolarGuy
    ABiPolarGuy at | | Reply

    Call me names, say whatever but no female doctor, please. The doctor can change race, age, personality but I think that’s a change that breaks with everything that’s gone before in too radical a way. Gender identity is very basic to who we are and I don’t think it can be casually swapped back and forth. Sure the doctor’s not human, but it’s we humans who must relate to him, and that’s just too alien. Haven’t the slightest problem with a female time lord partner or companion. It’s been done and worked rather well.

  5. Stormageddon
    Stormageddon at | | Reply

    Rupert Grint is a horrible decision, the world knows him as Ron, not Doctor Ron, just Ron, i mean i do love my RonRon, but he is not meant for the role. Just like Daniel Radcliff isn’t either, now i will say, it would be pure sexiness to see Daniel travel through Time and Space again, this time without Emma (Hermione) but he isn’t meant to be either, but i like the thought of Doctor Vincent/Marcus. ;)

  6. Stuart
    Stuart at | | Reply

    John Hurt is going to be in the anniversary special., so he’s the Doctor at least once more.

    It wouldn’t make sense for him to be the first Doctor. He can’t break a promise that hasn’t been given yet.

    Most likely he’s the Valeyard from Trial of a Time Lord, who is the dark side of the Doctor somehow brought to life at the end of the Doctor’s regeneration cycle.

    Actually the Doctor doesn’t always look younger.. Here’s ages of the actors who played the Doctor when they started,, in order:
    55, 46, 50, 40, 29, 40, 44, 36, 41, 34, 27.

  7. Al
    Al at | | Reply

    After seeing his appearance, I envisioned John Hurt as the real 1st Doctor, before William Hartnell (and making Hartnell #2, and so on). It makes more sense that way. If the name “The Doctor” indicates someone who repairs/fixes/heals, and John Hurt’s character was the one that doesn’t deserve that name, then he was likely the first incarnation and when his character died, he would have been regenerated as William Hartnell. Thus, the Hartnell character looks to escape the staid and defined existence on Gallifrey, by stealing the Tardis, and defines himself with his new name and persona as the Doctor, setting the stage for each incarnation afterwards.

    Plus, with each incarnation it seems as if the doctor gets younger instead of older.

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