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Susie McBeth is the founder, owner and Editor-in-Chief of Nerd Like You and Nerd Girl Topia. Susie is a comic book reading, anime loving, Batman obsessed, musician, artist, cosplayer, gamer, occasional supervillain and all round very nerdy girl. When not working on content for NLY and sneakily fitting in the odd zombie kill (on X-box 360), she can be found writing entertainment posts for national news entertainment site The Metro as well as writing guest posts for Bit Rebels and for Bad Haven. Susie is also the author of acclaimed blog A Twin Adventure as well as the geektastic Deviant Geek Girl tumblr blog.

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  2. Carlos Eduardo
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    Hello Susie, I want to say that I also agree with his review, his analysis of the film Star Trek: Into Darkness, Chris Pine is giving show in its interpretation that I believe Wilhian Shatnner should be feeling proud; already Zachary Quinto as Spock’m also enjoying and how Leonard Nimoy also makes a point in this film said in 2009 when asked JJAbrams original Spock if he was doing okay? If Zachary is good on paper? Leonard Nimoy answered simplest possible that everything is wonderful! Word who lived 60 years in the old series and movies of the year 80.Quanto of London portrayed also found it amazing and also the scenes in San Francisco, California in the fight against the villain Khan Spock are fantastic like we’re seeing it all happen, flying cars, ships going from one side to another, incredible futuristic scenes that JJAbrams promoted again in rescuing the saga of the Starship’s most famous movies.
    Congratulations on your blog that is very cool! Kisses for you here in Brazil!

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