13 Spectacular Costume Ideas That Will Drop All the Jaws

Life is humorous; you detest taking naps when you are young only to appreciate them when you are older, and you grow up playing dress up and never really abandon the concept. Halloween, comic conventions, and just because you feel like it are all occasions to dress up, but few people want to blend into the crowd by wearing the same cliché costume year after a year. As a result, it is crucial to put your thinking cap on in order to brainstorm some of the greatest costumes the world will ever see, or you could simply give one of these a shot:


A Flying Genie

Since Aladdin was made, genie or genie-like costumes have been immensely popular, but they are fairly overplayed. That is, of course, unless you jazz it up a bit by becoming a genie on a flying carpet. Simply take a walker, put wheels on it, cover it with black fabric, and attach a small carpet atop the walker. Cut a hole in the top of the carpet for your legs to fit into, and then stage legs in front of your torso. Walk—or fly—around the party with ease and awe!


The Birds

Channel your inner Tippi Hedren by wearing a business suit and attaching stuffed crows on your shoulders, torso, and arms. As always, never forget the fake blood.


A Nontraditional Army Man

Having the utmost respect for your military is important, but dressing up as a soldier is fairly overplayed. Instead, paint yourself totally green and go as a plastic army man figurine.


Netflix and Chill

Everybody has been asked to Netflix and chill at some point, so why not put the date suggestion into full effect by becoming it. Simply wear a red t-shirt accented with the word “Netflix,” and then carry around a bucket of ice clearly labeled, “Chill.”


Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

The movie franchise made waves in 2016 by replacing the once male cast with females, so what better way to honor that move than by being a ghostbuster? Recruit one of your friends to be a green blob and you are good to go!


Milkshakes Are Not Only for Bringing the Boys to the Yard

Adults understand that costumes are expensive, so what better way to win the costume competition than to incorporate items that you probably already have? Ladies, wear a solid colored pink, brown, or white dress; guys, wear solid colored shirts and pants. Next, take white, whispy, cushion stuffing, style it on your head, and add colorful bits of paper to replicate sprinkles. Voila! You are a milkshake.


50 Shades of Grey

How about making everyone think you’re wearing one of those “sexy costumes,” but coming as a great pun instead? Tell everyone your costume is based on 50 Shades of Grey. Wear a gray shirt, pants, and shoes. Next, spray your hair gray and, finally, attach fifty gray paint swatches to your attire.


The Brawny Paper Towel Guy

  1. Wear a flannel shirt.


  1. Carry around Brawny paper towels.


These two steps will guarantee laughs throughout the night. Of course, a beard always helps.


A Nudist on Strike

Sometimes, being obvious induces the most surprise. Wear your average clothing and carry a sign describing how you are, in fact, a nudist on strike.


Black and White Movie Couple


Find some vintage clothing reminiscent of a 1930’s film and paint any exposed skin gray. Once you perfect your movie faces, you will be crowned the king and queen of Halloween.


Person in a Hurricane

Channel your 50’s guru by slicking your hair all the way back in a way that makes it seem as if you are in front of a powerful fan. Attach crumbled bits of newspaper and general debris to your clothing, turn an umbrella inside out, and spray some water on your clothes and face to make it look as if you are actually caught in a terrible hurricane.


Lucy and Ethel

If you are worthy, mimic this classically hilarious duo with the right wigs, dresses, and zany personalities.


French Kiss

Begin by painting your face like the band members from Kiss. Next, wear black slacks and a black and white striped top to mimic a mime. If you desire, carry around a French baguette or glass of wine to finalize your attempt at being a French Kiss.


To finalize, dressing up tends to be a task executed by people throughout their entire lives. Costumes can be boring if they are overplayed, but when creativity is unleashed, the entertainment value is seemingly endless and riveting to those who witness the fun.

Emma Sturgis

Emma is a writer living in Boston. When not writing or spending too much time on the computer, she enjoys tabletop games, comics (DC), and baking.

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