4 Of The Best Movies Of All Time And Where To Get Them For Cheap

Some people view movies as pure entertainment. You watch them once, and then you’re done. Although this may be true with some films, but it can’t be a blanket statement about all films. The movies that reach into the core of the human condition, and extract something essential are movies that you have to watch over and over again. It is these types of movies that you want to make sure you own so that you can watch them as much as you want. Here are just some of those inspiring movies that will keep you coming back for more.

4 Of The Best Movies Of All Time And Where To Get Them For Cheap

The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur is definitely one of the best Pixar movies to-date. It was incredible well done. The scenery in this film even looks more like photography than animation. Also, another detail that makes this film special is that the antagonist is untraditional. It’s not a character: it’s nature. There is also a secondary antagonist: self-doubt. In this great movie young Arlo has to learn how to believe in himself, and overcome his own insecurities which proves to be the biggest hurdle throughout the movie. This is one movie that will definitely melt your heart and have you watching it over and over again.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Crafting a fantastical world of dragons could easily miss the mark, but this film is a bull’s-eye. This movie really pulls you into the story and makes you truly believe in Toothless’ need of friendship and Hiccup’s search for his place in the world. This movie also does an incredible job with taking a mythical creature and making it feel as familiar as a cat or dog while also exploring themes of family, loss, and growing up.


Avengers: Age of Ultron

There is only one word to describe this movie. Awesome. It will keep you on the edge or your seat just waiting for more action the whole duration of the film.  This movie also really makes you question what’s at the core of their universe, which in this case, is the existence of a super artificial intelligence. It really sucks you into a whole new universe and leaves you wanting more. Overall, The Age of Ultron starts to pick at the seams of the Marvel Universe and ponder whether or not a world with super heroes is genuinely a “better” world.


Black Swan

Sometimes our struggle as humans isn’t external: it’s internal and that idea is just one that is covered in this beautifully done film. This movie was done with beautiful videography and beautiful acting. It is an especially outstanding performance by Natalie Portman, and it asks its audience to examine their own self-expectations and self-doubts.


Luckily, Money Doesn’t Matter

Overall, sometimes there are movies that change your life, and it is those films that you need to own for yourself. Luckily there are tons of ways to get movies like this for cheap. Especially online, the benefit of sites, like Pristine Sales, is that you can own these impacting films without making a dent in your budget. When it comes to movies like this you can’t afford not to own them for yourself.

Emma Sturgis

Emma is a writer living in Boston. When not writing or spending too much time on the computer, she enjoys tabletop games, comics (DC), and baking.

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