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A nerd and aspiring multimedia artist. Tom "Godwin" Hoover enjoys watching bad movies and playing retro video games.

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  1. Bryan
    Bryan at | | Reply

    Well-written and well-thought, Mr. Hoover. These are all decent and entertaining films, as-is, but in all cases use a machina-ex-deus to conjure ultimately anticlimactic resolutions. Delivering audience expectations (especially as you’ve built them) is not a failure; nor is inventing a plot “twist” inherently clever or smart, or even good story-telling. Just because we know the Titanic is going to sink, doesn’t mean we don’t want to see the ship crack on the iceberg. In MIB3, all signs pointed to J’s death, but killing the lead would have put a lid on the franchise. Maybe the studio got cold feet (or Will Smith said he’d do MIB4). ST: the Wrath of Spock suffered from homage-overdose, where imitation was the sincerest form of laziness. I found your plot-line to be a much more exciting and compelling direction. I agree that Batman should have died – or at least, leave it inconclusive. Your suggested tweak on Alfred is damn-near perfect and would show a real depth of character and shared-sacrifice. And the Mist (which I do love) felt like a Twilight Zone cheat. I expected Burgess Meredith’s ghost to step out from behind a tank bemoaning his broken glasses. With or without a monstrous tentacle attack, to simply fade the screen to white, losing Thomas Jane in the mist, slumped to his knees would have been a more mystical ending. So many good movies fall flat at the end, either in a rush to tie-up the loose threads, or to dazzle with CGI spectacle, or by trying to seed the next sequel or franchise. I congratulate you on a great article, tackling an unlikely subject with insight!

  2. John
    John at | | Reply

    I never liked the ending of the book version of The Mist. I’m not a happy ending kind of guy. The movie version however, was awesome. What is a more terrifying premise? Your imagined ending, which is fairly rote, or the ending we got, which is so much more heart rending. Hell, even Stephen King said that is the ending he would have written if only he had thought of it at the time.

  3. Jason
    Jason at | | Reply

    I totally disagree with you on the Mist. The whole theme of the movie is that people do crazy things when they lose hope (or faith). This was established throughout the movie with the crazy religious lady. She did what she did not because of her faith, but because she had abandoned it. The main character maintains his hope and follows the righteous path — all the way up until the truck runs out of gas and they see the giant monster. At this point, hope in the future is lost and the characters take a turn down the same misbegotten path as the crazy lady. The ending, while cruel, hammers home the message: never lose your faith … or look what happens.

  4. Rishabh
    Rishabh at | | Reply

    you are ryt !

  5. guest
    guest at | | Reply

    you’re wrong about the dark knight rises, because the ending brought-in the concept of the batcave. The audience were left to think about how did batman escape te BAT.

    Moreover, you’re so so wrong about star trek into darkness. In order to prove your point you forgot that it was a science-fiction movie and a reboot.
    It showed its science by saving kirk through blood transfusion, there was nothing wrong in that. And don’t forget it was a reboot, if kirk would’ve died, then what would have been the difference between wrath of khan and STID, it made the film a little unique from the original.

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