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A nerd and aspiring multimedia artist. Tom "Godwin" Hoover enjoys watching bad movies and playing retro video games.

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  5. Carlos Albarran
    Carlos Albarran at | | Reply

    The problem are not the remakes. The problem is the state of the industry in which a certain budget is attached to marketing conventions in plot and substance. You can´t have a production that targets adolescents or kids to have the edge of source material. Take a look at Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning or Dredd 3D. These are films that go below the marketing radar that they work much better as adaptations, but go horribly in the box office. If you keep paying for bad films that is what you will get.

  6. Moviecritix
    Moviecritix at | | Reply

    I agree with every movie listed here.

  7. SmileyOfChaos
    SmileyOfChaos at | | Reply

    I loved Doom. While way off from the game, it’s one of those movies I can watch again and again without getting tired of it, and I’ve been dying for a new Highlander movie for years. Most people focus on the negative about remakes, saying Hollywood is out of ideas. I focus on the positive, the fact that some of my favorite childhood films are getting big budget remakes.

  8. Keltari
    Keltari at | | Reply

    You lost all credibility as a person by saying Doom was far from a bad movie.

  9. A Parasitic Cyst
    A Parasitic Cyst at | | Reply

    When I first saw Highlander in your list I was ready to start filling this comments box up with lots and lots of swear words but after reading what you put, I agree with you. A well written Highlander trilogy could be awesome. They could have the modern day story running through the entire trilogy while not revealing which of the other immortals had already died in the past. They could expand some of the different time period scenes like the WW2, while adding a few more. The fight scenes would have to pretty spectacular aswell.
    A major problem would be who would the film makers get to replace Sean Connery and Clancy Brown?

    1. Tom
      Tom at | | Reply

      I’m glad to see I’m not alone in my thinking. Casting for Ramirez and the Kurgan would undoubtedly be tricky, you just can’t cast anyone in those roles.

      1. Major Harris
        Major Harris at | | Reply

        how about antonio banderas as ramirez? dolph lungren as kurgan?

        1. Tom
          Tom at | | Reply

          If Banderas could pull off a Scotsman pretending to be an Egyptian pretending to be a Spaniard I say why not? And Lundgren as the Kurgan? Well, actually that’d be pretty awesome!

          1. Major Harris
            Major Harris at | | Reply

            ramirez was egyptian. he even says so. he was living in spain for some time. the only reason he sounds like a scotsman, is of course, sean connery. try as they might, just couldn’t get rid of that scotish brogue! lol! actually, after thinking on it, the guy who plays the hound, gregor clegane on game of thrones would be a good replacement.

            1. Tom
              Tom at | | Reply

              Haha! I love it! I could totally see him playing the Kurgan!

              1. Major Harris
                Major Harris at | | Reply

                the reasoning for antonio banderas is naturally, the hispanic aspect. but, he has been trained to use a sword already. his sword fights would look realistic.

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