5 Quirky And Affordable Gifts For Valentine’s Day

I am not one for Valentine’s Day – I think it is a bit of a fake holiday, and instead of feeling inspired to get my rom-com on, I am more likely to snuggle up and watch a good Indie or like last year watch films about breaking up (there are tons of great ones that you can check out here). However, that being said – it is always nice to have an excuse to get all loved up with your sweetie and who doesn’t like getting a nice present?

Valentines to me, doesn’t mean needing to rob a bank to finance your gift, so with that in mind I have found 5 awesome and unique gifts that won’t break the bank.

Lovers’ Long Spaghetti – £9.99

Lovers' Long Spaghetti - £9.99If you like your love a little bit like Lady and the Tramp, or if you are just a fan of pasta then this is a gift that gives to you both. Plus, how cool is metre long spaghetti! Seriously!
Buy Lovers’ Long Spaghetti right here.


Colour Me Shave – £9.99

Colour Me Shave - £9.99

Something a little crazy and awesome for him and also pretty practical… It comes in 5 very manly colours!
Buy Colour Me Shave right here.


Balm Chicky Balm Balm – £7.99

Balm Chicky Balm Balm - £7.99

Why not buy her some super cute lip balm, so that her lips will be extra kissable this Valentines! Plus there are many yummy flavours and they rock a totally sexy 70s vibe! And there is a sharing option…
Buy Balm Chicky Balm Balm right here.


Binary Love Keyring – £11.99

Binary Love Keyring - £11.99

I love this! Perfect for him and her. This token can be carried anywhere your sweetie goes – plus it is super nerdy esp. as everyone knows, the true romantic language is of course…maths! Lovetastic!
Buy Binary Love Keyring right here.


Valentine’s Day Mystery Box – £24.99

Valentine's Day Mystery Box - £24.99

And if you are feeling like splashing out a bit more than the above, why not give the gift of mystery… It contains at least 3 awesome Firebox romantic gifts and all the mystery that a good romance needs.
Buy Valentine’s Day Mystery Box right here.

What will you be getting your love monkey this year? 

Susie McBeth

Susie McBeth is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Nerd Like You.   Susie is a comic book reading, anime loving, superhero obsessed, writer, editor, artist, gamer, occasional supervillain and all round very nerdy girl.   When not working on content for NLY and sneakily fitting in the odd zombie kill, she can be found writing entertainment posts for national news entertainment site The Metro as well as writing guest posts for Bit Rebels and a plethora of other sites (Google will tell you all).   She also writes books - including the recent How to become a Supervillain in 10 easy steps.

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