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A nerd and aspiring multimedia artist. Tom "Godwin" Hoover enjoys watching bad movies and playing retro video games.

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  1. Let It Go Guys - Why Frozen Isn't As Great As People Say : Nerd Like You

    […] Elsa can create sentient lifeforms out of snow. Granted, this is something that gets overlooked in many movies for the sake of brevity, but it’s nothing compared to the fact that Elsa’s struggles are painfully underplayed […]

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    There’s another pretty big one you seemed to omit: Back 2 the Future 2 implies the existence of parallel universes.

    Indeed, while Marty travels to the future, everyone seems fine with another (older) Marty being there.
    If it was only time-travel, after his leaving for the future, his friends and family (from the time he just left) would notice his absence, freak-out, stick his face on milk bottles and light poles etc… and within 10, maybe 20 years, assume he was dead and move on which takes us 30 years later (when he actually “lands” from his time travel) in a presumably Marty-less future !!! (well, now it’s the present, I mean that he’s from the past now… you get the idea).
    The fact that he finds a 40+ y-o recently fired self can mean only one thing: he travelled to another dimension ! One in which he never left for the future, he instead got married, had children and messed his music career pretty bad.

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