6 Cute Ways To Adorn Your Head, From Headdresses To Cat Ears

I have recently fallen massively in love with adorning my head with any cute thing that I can find…could this be to hide my roots? Well, maybe only the hats! When not being handy root hiders, I see hats, headdresses, hairbands and so on, as a perfectly delicious expression of your personality for everyone to see. A confidence builder, a conversation starter and something that just makes you feel beautiful inside and out. You are probably thinking that this is a pretty tall order for something that sits on your head to perform…but weirdly (magically…maybe?) it does (that is if you have the stones to give it a try).

Now, talking of falling in love with things (it is nearly, Valentines Day after all), I have been crushing hard on all things Pearls and Swine.

Pearls and Swine is millinery at its best. It is pop surreal, it is stunning headresses, it is bridal wear, rockabilly, high fashion flower crowns – it is everything you can imagine and more (because they of course offer a bespoke service too). It is the genius brainchild of designer Bink. A woman so talented pretty much everything she touches sparkles (she is quite partial to glitter). And most of my choices below come from her site Pearls and Swine (which you really should check out).

Pearl Deer Skull Headdress

Pearl Deer Skull Headdress Pearls and Swine

Model/MUA: Abyss
Photographer: Katelizabeth Photography
Wig: Insomnium Wigs
This headdress can be found on the Pearls and Swine website here.

Now, it is a bit naughty of me to put this one on my list, as it is actually one of Pearls and Swine’s sold out items. But I could not leave it off as I feel quite obsessed with it as it is just so stunning. Though you know, if you love it as much as I do, you could always ask the lovely designer, Bink to custom you a similar piece just for you.


Glittered Red Bow Fascinator – Limited Edition

Glittered Red Bow Fascinator Pearls and Swine

Model: Jennifer Dickinson Model
MUA: Jane Armstrong Mua
Photographed Ellie Victoria Gale Photographer
This fascinator can be found on the Pearls and Swine website here.

This beautiful fascinator would look great as an everyday piece, and would really add some sparkle to any outfit. I love it!


Whimsical Fairy Fascinator

Whimsical Fairy Fascinator

Model: Jennifer Dickinson Model
MUA: Jane Armstrong Mua
Photographed Ellie Victoria Gale Photographer
This fascinator can be found on the Pearls and Swine website here.

This is magically cute and so full of whimsy. I love how incredibly detailed it is. It is totally enchanting!


Veiled Red Rose Headdress

Veiled Red Rose Headdress

Model: Isobella
MUA: MAKE UP Artist Boutique Mua
Photographer: Ellie Victoria Gale Photographer
This headdress can be found on the Pearls and Swine website here.

Now this is one part bird cage veil (which I frequently swoon over as they are just gorgeous) and one part flower crown. I just love this piece as it looks so elegant and beautiful and is a bit of a showstopper. Seriously, if you wear this – there is absolutely no way that whoever sees you are not going to comment on how beautiful you look in it, because I am pretty sure it contains magical powers that make people aware of just how stunning the wearer is.

This is just a teeny, tiny selection of what Pearls and Swine have to offer, so visit the site and check out what else there is on offer. Also…I will be writing a more involved Pearls and Swine piece in the near future so look out for that!

Now, this collective list of goodies would not be complete without some cat ears. I am crazy about cat ears, I have hats adorned with them, hair bands – the lot. I would wear cat ears everyday if I could.

Rock n Roll Bride (Kat) for Crown and Glory has designed some super cute cat ear headbands. They are gorgeous! They have also designed a ton more very cute hair accessories including some gem filled flower crowns that are very lush.

Below are my two favourites which you can find to buy on this link here.

Sarah Lace and Gem Kitty Ears

rock n roll bride cat ear hairband

Photos by 

You can find this item here.

I love this one because the ears are so delicate and cute. I also love that they have a bit of sparkle. Could they be worn everyday? I would say, why the heck not!


Liberace Kitty Ears – Limited Edition

rock n roll bride cat ear hairband sparkly

Photos by 

You can find this item here.

These are sparkly and fantastic, and are cat eared purrfection. Perfect for a night out or a stormy grey day. I want these!

Susie McBeth

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