7 Foot Long Replica Of Firefly Ship, Serenity Made Out Of LEGO

Firefly’s ship, Serenity is super-cool anyway, but when someone goes ahead and creates a 7 Foot Long, 135-pound replica made out of LEGO the cool factor notches way, way up.

LEGO genius Adrian Drake is the creator of this magnificent model. He painstakingly spent over 475 hours, over a 21 month period building this feast of brick-tacular proportions. The kind of commitment this project must have needed is something I seriously admire, and it obviously paid off as the finished article is amazing.

This model makes the LEGO Taj Mahal look like it was made out of stickle-bricks (if you were born post 80’s you may not get that reference – they were a child-friendly version of LEGO).

Not only is the exterior faithful to the original Serenity, the interior has crew accommodations, a bridge, and cargo bay. It also has all of the compartments from the ship (excluding the engine room, which was not included due to structural integrity). And if that was not awesome enough, Inara’s shuttle even detaches (seriously, how sweet is that!).

replica Of Firefly Ship Serenity Made Out Of LEGO

LEGO is such a great tool for creating, and projects like this really compound the fact that LEGO is not just a toy. It is indeed an art form (of super nerdy-awesome proportions).

You can view the full set of high-res images over on Drake’s Flickr site here.

What do you think? Do you like Adrian Drake’s monster of a Serenity model? Have you ever made LEGO art? Let us know what you think in the comments section. 

replica Of Firefly Ship Serenity Made Out Of LEGO wash

Image Source: Adrian Drake

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