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Dan is just a guy who worked in a video store and took the compliment/insult that he was like “Randal” from “Clerks” a little too literally. He loves reviewing and writing features, mainly because this is where he gets to blurt out his internal monologues on nerd culture. Proclaiming his love for the things he likes (which include books, movies, games, comics) and utterly destroying the things he doesn’t (pretty much everything else).

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  1. virtual_rich
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    Put the USB stick in the wrong way? Are you daft? Unless you put some really extreme force into it, the thing only goes in one way. One would have to be extremely dumb to not realize…hey maybe I should try turning it over since I am experiencing some considerable resistance attempting to insert the device in this way.

  2. Cinemark
    Cinemark at | | Reply

    How about an old fashioned nuclear holocaust (On the Beach)? You can increase your survival by getting on a nuclear submarine and going to a remote country like Australia where the radiation may or may not creep down on you. If it looks like it’s going to come, fine, race cars, have as much sex as possible and enjoy your last days. And maybe use a suicide pill if you want to avoid all the barfing from the sickness.

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