Awesome Giant Transformer Statues Made From Scrap Car Parts

Like a lot of businesses, YumiModal started out in the back of a garage. Which is kind of handy, as instead of throwing away all the junk that naturally accumulates (that you generally stack your garage full of) – they instead used their super cool skills to make something awesome.

Giant Transformer Statues!

Yep, giant Transformer statues made out of scrap car parts! I mean, what else would you do with junk?

Yumi (Anchalee Saengtai) is the founder of YumiModal, and she has taken what was a small business that she started in 2002 and turned it into a successful family business running two shops in Bangkok, Thailand. Her work has been featured on CNN, an installation of her Transformers was featured in various Ripley’s ‘Believe It Or Not’ Attractions as well as in various articles from press all over the world.

Her gigantic sculptures are exciting and inspiring. They are beautifully detailed and are a perfect example of pop culture-infused art in a non-pretentious and light-hearted way. This is art for people who were hooked on cartoons as a child (or still are). It’s seriously fun! Plus, I just can’t get over how cool it is that they are made out of scrap car parts.

How fantastic would it be, if instead of having junk yards stacked to the brim with cars, all crushed and sad looking we just had Transformer Sculpture parks?

Sounds crazy I know – but seriously, wouldn’t it just be a little bit awesome?

Yumi and her family of model building geniuses don’t just stick to Transformers; they create Predator and Terminator statues and a whole host more and all to scale.

What do you think? Which Transformer is your favourite? Would you prefer to see artistic use such as giant Transformer sculptures being made of the junk we have lying around unused?

transformer-and-bumblebee-6m statues

transformer statue made from cars

transformer-optimus prime scrap car


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