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Dan is just a guy who worked in a video store and took the compliment/insult that he was like “Randal” from “Clerks” a little too literally. He loves reviewing and writing features, mainly because this is where he gets to blurt out his internal monologues on nerd culture. Proclaiming his love for the things he likes (which include books, movies, games, comics) and utterly destroying the things he doesn’t (pretty much everything else).

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  1. Fama Volat
    Fama Volat at | | Reply

    I just want to thank you for those subtitles. Damn Bale.

  2. Brian Smith
    Brian Smith at | | Reply

    Haha, awesome article. You should check out, you have the perfect humor/writing style for it.

    Bale would seriously kill all of them since he is the only one that displayed martial arts skills.

  3. Corey Feldman
    Corey Feldman at | | Reply

    ABC: Anyone But Clooney is fine with me!

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