Check Out Epinephrine, Cellarscape’s New And Very Stunning Music Video

Epinephrine music video paul terry

I love it when a music video matches the quality of the song, and the new music video for ‘Epinephrine’ taken from Cellarscape’s forthcoming fifth record, ‘The Act Of Letting Go’ does that entirely.

The music video reminds me of a found footage style thriller, it is beautifully cut and edited together and you feel immersed in the story playing out before you, which with a music video that only lasts 4 mins and 47 seconds is quite a feat.  Throughout the video we are on a journey with the main protagonist who is being hunted down, and at every turn there is no escape.

There is a heightened sense of danger that is amplified by the soft, yet insistent vocals and the string section, melodic guitars and samples that all work together to be a cohesive experience.

The strings feel like they are lulling you into submission whilst dragging you under water to quietly drown. There is a sense of beauty and destruction which is only backed up more by the compelling vocals of Paul Terry and the stunning visuals. 

I really love this. It is the kind of song to kick back and get lost in and it is the kind of music video that you will want to watch again.

You can watch the video in full below:

Written, produced, and directed by Paul Terry (
Edited by Paul Williams (
VFX by Henrik Kolind (

The Hunter – Niki Jones
The Hunted – PT

‘Epinephrine’ is taken from Cellarscape’s forthcoming fifth record, ‘The Act Of Letting Go’, released April 28, 2014 on SkyBabyRecords. Pre-orders available soon: for exclusive early notification, join the mailing list:


Who is Cellarscape?

Well if you have not heard of Cellarscape, then you have been missing out. Cellarscape is the uber talented Paul Terry’s music project. This is the official blurb:

Cellarscape is multi-instrumentalist Paul Terry. Weaving layered vocal harmonies through an eclectic blend of fragile/anthemic guitars, hypnotic orchestrations, and angular beats/percussion, Cellarscape songs bristle with a cinematic presence…

The man behind it is a multi-talented behemoth of activity. Not happy with cornering cool acoustic alt music, Paul Terry also composes film scores and writes books. In fact, we at NLY interviewed him about a very awesome Fringe book he co-wrote with the seriously talented Tara Bennett.

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