Christian Bale Sings The Powerpuff Girls Theme Tune

Christian bale sings the powerpuff girls theme tune

Batman… Seriously, Batman, singing the Powerpuff Girls theme tune! It doesn’t get more crazy cool then that (my Christian Bale level expectations went wild before I even watched this vid, and went into giddy fan-girly overdrive during and after).

Don’t you just love it when you come across such an unusual gem of a video on YouTube that you just feel would be too rude not to share? And a video of Christian Bale knocking out the Powerpuff Girls theme tune is (to me) definitely one of those times (I just can’t believe it took me so long to come across it!).

Showcasing his vocal stylings at the end of a joint interview on Popcorn with Peter Travers, with the always entertaining (at least in my mind) Mark Wahlberg he was enticed into singing a little something, and the Powerpuff Girls theme was all that came to mind courtesy of Bale’s daughters TV habits – Which I think are awesome…seriously, the Powerpuff Girls rock!

This is of course not Bale’s only foray into music. Along with his turn as the sweet voiced and spoilt Jim, in the epic and amazing Empire of the Sun, he also starred alongside Bill Pullman and David Moscow in the Disney musical the ‘Newsies,’ which was typical cheesy Disney fair that I love as a bit of a guilty pleasure watch… Not only does he sing, but he dances too.

It is a little surreal when you watch it back and think about the fact that this all singing and dancing boy grows up to be Batman, Patrick Bateman, and a man that can end Terminators and perform Gun Karta…

Anyway, I appear to be veering slightly off point. Check out the below video. It is sweet, smile inducing and a little peek into what Bale is really like when he is not rocking out some awesome role in his many, many movies. Plus, I think it is nice to get a glimpse at his not so serious side and see him willing to participate in the fun.

And just for comparison, below is the actual Powerpuff Girls theme tune:

How do you think Christian Bale did? What random theme tune immediately springs to your mind?

Susie McBeth

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