How to Design a Comic Con Outfit That No One Will Forget

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Whether you’re new to Comic Con or a seasoned veteran, you likely have the same question: How do I make my costume stand out? The event has grown to include over 130,000 attendees in recent years. Do NOT let the statistics intimidate you. Use them to inspire and empower you to assemble a costume that no one will forget. Here is how you can make your costume can stand out from the crowd.

Details are Key

A true layer (Japanese term for cosplayer) is nothing if not detail-oriented. Use comic books, movies, and television shows to study your character closely. You should attempt to achieve near-replica detail in clothing, makeup, and props. If you are on a budget, choose one big piece to splurge on, and then be innovative! Some of the best Comic Con 2016 costumes were DIY.

Take careful measure to adopt your character’s mannerisms and patterns of speech. Comic book authors are incredibly precise. Notice every little detail. You should absorb the essence of your character and understand the way he thinks. Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, for example, licks his lips frequently. His speech patterns are a mix of husky yelling and soft whispering. A true layer becomes his character on The Floor.

Don’t Be Afraid to Gender-Bend

Here’s what makes cosplay so fun: the possibilities are endless. The key here is to get noticed. Some of the most striking cosplayers at Comic Con are those who gender-bend. Have you ever seen a female Hellboy? How about a Princess Elsa who competes in Strongman competitions in her spare time? Fellow cosplayers would be lining up to take pictures with them, for sure.

Go out on the Fringe

One of the best things about Comic Con is that the fans are devoted to their genre. Choose an obscure character to portray and you will be worshipped by fellow enthusiasts. Ever heard of Pitt? He’s an alien/human hybrid who was created by an alien race called the Creed. He appears more alien than human, with red eyes that have no pupils, grey skin, no visible nose, sharp oversize teeth and large talons.

What about Madame Mirage? Her superpowers include mind control, magic, and shape-shifting. The netting across her eyes, sultry white dress, and thigh-high boots are a show-stopper. Win the adoration of your fellow cosplayers by committing to a fringe character. There are a wealth of exceptional mascot company websites at your fingertips whose designers will work closely with you to work out the finer details of your chosen character.

Vamp It Up

It goes without saying that comic book characters are desirable. Be provocative. Glam it up. Don’t be mistaken. This doesn’t mean that you have to bare it all. A trio of women who dubbed themselves “Chewie’s Angels” made international news with their appearance at Comic Con 2015. They were fully covered in pastel-colored body hair.

Assemble a Team

If you aren’t used to being in a costume in the middle of a huge crowd, recruit a few friends to come with you. Added bonus: cosplayers love to pose for photos. Strike up a conversation with some new friends and you are sure to get some tips on how to make your next year’s costume even more killer.

No matter what you do at this year’s Comic-Con, remember to have fun. Comic Con attendees are some of the friendliest people out there. There’s no judgment on The Floor. Everyone out there is looking to be inspired. Go out there and get inspired. Go out there and inspire others.

“I think, that if the world were a bit more like Comic Con, it would be a better place.” -Matt Smith

Emma Sturgis

Emma is a writer living in Boston. When not writing or spending too much time on the computer, she enjoys tabletop games, comics (DC), and baking.

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