Essential Nerdy Items You Need to Have in Gym

Image Essential Nerdy Items

Geeks and gyms may have started off on the wrong foot, but today they have a relationship which is free of prejudices and past grievances. Motifs from the world of geekdom have been appearing in the gyms, which now makes these places appealing both to fitness and nerd sensibilities.

Hence, one can both make a powerful statement and ensure maximum performance with a plethora of nerd-friendly creations. In other words, you may follow the example of great heroes and paragons, becoming stronger, faster, less breakable and healthier. Let your nerd flag fly, and be prepared to break some sweat.


Rule with a rod of iron

Nerd-themed workout gear is more popular than ever, introducing splashes of color and quirkiness into an arena, which used to be dominated by sculpted torsos and bland clothing. Now, you can show up in the compression Ironman shirt, and capture more attention than the guy with the packed muscles next to you, provided that you also succeed in pumping some iron. Many manufacturers strive to capture the iconic characters from the superhero movies and videogames, but they also reach into all realms of the popular culture.

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Furthermore, one can go for customized shirts and have them printed into any style and color imaginable. People no longer shy away from joining the playful parade and showing off the gorgeous artwork on their apparel. Some companies give buyers the freedom to design a set of shirts or other clothing, which is a chance to unleash your creativity.  After all, the workout apparel of today is made for geeks – and by geeks. Smaller designers and etsy shops are fighting vigorously with big retail chains for the nerdy market.


As the worlds collide

As a result, even the bodybuilding clothing now offers more than just practicality. Yes, comfort is essential for the gym equipment, but fortunately, we can get the best of both worlds. The essence of the nerdy swag is making fashion choices out of love and fervency, and there is no such thing as normal-look anymore. Feel free to let your interest and hobbies show on tanks, socks, accessories, leggings, etc. Why not show up in Star Track yoga pants that feature the cosmic landscape adorned with the glittery stars and the legendary USS Enterprise NCC-1701?

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At last, nerds have been over the moon with new tech marvels, and they carry around their precious gadgets everywhere. The surge in the mobile and wearable industry has enabled them to utilize technology in a variety of ways: To make things interesting, track down the training progress and motivate themselves. The fitness app market is growing at a rapid rate, allowing users to monitor the heart rate, receive a detailed nutrition plan, or obtain a fictional training partner.

Now, if you cannot bring yourself to get active and run, why not download Zombies, Run! app? It lets you collect supplies, complete missions and survive a zombie apocalypse while on a running session.  There are other solutions where you get experience and rewards for nailing fitness tasks, which plays out much like the level progression in video games. So, it is high time to dive into the amazing world of modern fitness and find your own treasure.


Get the show on the road

Every nerd deserves clothing that, at the same time, represents the gym style and geek passion. The geeky inventory includes garments of all sizes, shapes, colors and themes— no matter if you want a quiver of arrows on your back, or a Batman’s six-pack in the front, the booming garment industry has got you covered.

Image geeky garments

Develop your unique approach to training, get through the day with The Big Bang, and make your superhero fantasy a reality. When the vivid nerdy realm meets sublime functionality and goal-oriented culture of gyms, the result is nothing short of a spectacle.  


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