Exclusive Interview With Koobismo About The New Home Of Mass Effect Fan Comic, Marauder Shields

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Recently, Koobismo, the creator of the Mass Effect fan comic Marauder Shields, tweeted about his new site: the aptly titled koobismo.com. To many who follow Koobismo’s work on Marauder Shields word that the Mass Effect fan and his crew were moving from DeviantArt to a new website, has been getting around. However, not much is known about the new website apart from the fact that it would be the new home of Marauder Shields.

When word reached me about the website I took it upon myself to learn more about the site straight from the horse’s mouth. I was lucky enough to get into contact with Koobismo and ask him about the new site and he was gracious enough to answer my questions. Here’s the resulting interview.

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So to begin I’d love to know more about the website, what can we expect to see once the site is up and running?

We’re looking to create our own little hub in the vast seas of the web, a central for our team,one we would have a bit more control over than what we have at DeviantArt. As much as I love DA, it is designed to be used by a single human being, not by a group interested in cooperation, in sharing their work, experiences, thoughts, fun little scribbles and sketches done over the weekend… Something that will be more than possible on our own site. We intend to start small, on a lower gear, and then continue towards daily updates, ranging from webcomics to comedy content, from articles about storytelling to insider coverage. And by having an actual, functioning forums we’re hoping to get a cool place where we can all hang out, our team, our community, people interested in Marauder Shields and beyond.

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It’s obvious Marauder Shields will be a major part of the site, but how will the new site effect the comic? Will there be any benefits to viewing the comic on the site over your deviantart page?

I intend to keep publishing Marauder Shields on both DeviantArt and Koobismo.com, to make sure that people who started this journey on DA will be able to finish it there, if they so please. However, DA will become a bit closer to what it is supposed to be – my personal portfolio. The website will contain unique content prepared by other people from our team, in-depth looks at our processes, ideas, concepts… Let’s say you liked the model work we did for episode 40 of Marauder Shields, where we introduced new starships for the batarians, salarians and the volus. Bam, here we go, AssaultSloth, who designed the first two, will now be able to showcase his models, write about them directly, let you in on his 3d sculpting secrets and views on the Mass Effect universe. As far as technical differences go, our audiobooks and interviews should now be accessible to people listening from iPhones, iPads, some of the other smartphones without flash compatibility. And, last but not least, the site will enable us to easily organize our content into subsections and categories, which will be extremely important once our original webcomic series comes out.

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When I spoke to your audio producer, Jeff Daniel, he mentioned that the intended message of the community video your team is producing is to express how you and your people interact with the fans.

I was, and still am, humbled by how many people continue to read the little fan series I’m spinning. In the beginning I created Marauder Shields for myself, for me, and me alone… Nowadays there’s a lot more people caring for my work, people that I care about myself. The little community video we’re creating is about showing that this is what Marauder Shields has become: it’s not just a single guy creating an alternative ending webcomic anymore. It’s not even about a bunch of guys doing that. It’s about the people that fuel me into spending my whole weekends and most of my leisure time on crafting the comic. It’s about their love for the series, which gave me back something I was missing for quite some time, on a very private level. And I’m hoping that our little video, be it one minute in length or ten, will make that point.

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In what way can we expect the site to expand upon this idea?

I already mentioned that our own forums is the thing I’m incredibly excited for – I’m looking forward to discussing things that were hard to get into in DA’s comments section. I’ve also received a bit of fan art concerning the MScanon version of the Mass Effect universe – I’d love to use the site to show them, to present content created by our community, to showcase our team members and viewers a bit. Aside from that we’re kicking a few concepts around, from funny caption contests to community reviews and lore expansions for our own original series, but we’ll get to that when the time is right.


Apart from Marauder Shields, are there other things you plan on showcasing on the site?

Expect an announcement of the new webcomic series as soon as we get the site up in January, maybe a couple of days after the launch. The series won’t be around until Marauder Shields is a bit closer to completion. I’ll leak the information about it slowly – “dripping” might be a better word than “leaking” even – but that’s because it will be my biggest endeavor yet, and I really want to dot all the “i”s and work out something unique, fun, an experience that won’t be a waste of anybody’s time.

Thanks for this interview and all the best to everyone reading this!

You can follow Koobismo on Twitter here, you can check out his work on DeviantART here and www.koobismo.com will soon be up and running, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for announcements from Koobismo on Twitter or keep checking the link so that you can be checking out the new website as soon as it is live.

It’s clear that the talented folks of Marauder Shields have a lot of exciting things in store for its myriad of fans. I for one can’t wait until the website is up and running! Are you excited? Let us know in the comments section.

Image source: All images are taken from Koobismo’s DeviantArt site

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