Fashion Insights: How futuristic are we?

A few decades ago when SF writers like Stanislaw Lem, Leigh Brackett, Andre Norton, Ursula K. Le Guin, William Gibson and other brilliant prophets of the future wrote about our upcoming predicaments, they probably did not have much of the fashion-to-be in mind. However, just as they’ve managed to foresee and suppose – and with an almost enviable punctuality – the lives we were going to be living, so have they predicted the type of clothes that’ll be trending. Naturally, with a touch of exaggeration and a vision that could, these days, read just a tad foolish, they didn’t hit the nail altogether, but they did tackle upon much of what we’re currently seeing on the runways.


The inevitable question is – are we, as a species, so predictable that fifty years ago the paths we were going to take were so obvious or is it about the people (SF prophets) predicting them? Whatever it is, one thing is certain: we are living the future those same prophets (and their followers) have set for us, and we’re loving it as we go.


Here are just a few comparisons to what’s gone from vision to fashion in just a few decades (both on and off the Red Carpet):


Metallic hair and outfit

fashion insights how futuristic are we 1


Interestingly enough, to get a hint of the future, we didn’t have to go far; designers like Junya Watanbe made sure we understand the future is here, and it’s… well, weird. The collection comprises of clean-cut lines, simple but standout colors and patterns which evoke that spaceship-commander feeling.


Additionally, Junya replaces human hair with shiny, sharp headwear that looks absolutely odd and bizarre. However, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it become a hat trend soon, especially with the youngsters.


A little bit toned down futuristic momentum comes from Balmain that launched a cutting-edge collection in collaboration with H&M (now, if that doesn’t say everyone’s-wearing-it we don’t know what is). The materials are rich, metallic in shine and vary in color, with a lot of spaceship-inspired jewelry and embellishments.


Angular Pleasures

fashion insights how futuristic are we 2


This spring, Delpozo launched an almost schizophrenic collection that, obviously, screamed future. We were there and saw it: everything was shaking with splashes of layered colors, contrasts and intricate patterns. What we loved the most were all the easy materials perfectly paired with neoprene angular color-blocking, which was absolutely spooky. There was a lot of Spock and Jean-Luc Picard vibe, we’ll tell ya!


Much like Hypnosis

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Not sure if Ursula K. Le Guin had something like this in mind when she dressed her characters, but we sure know this weird dream is happening; the artist Ara Jo has created a look that’s much like hypnosis and more like future. It is edgy, fierce and powerful: definitely not something everyone can pull off. But those who can are the embodiment our future.


Fashion Technogenesis

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It’s official: the fashion world we’re living in (or will soon be living in) is so futuristic that even future itself cannot handle it. Irina Dzhaus, a Ukrainian designer, is one of those conceptual artists making you think about what’s coming next. Even though her pieces are strikingly weird, they are also quite practical. It gets kind of easy to picture her knitted-futuristic-vests paired with the open toe Billini shoes that are every bit as exciting.


Sharp and Monochromatic

fashion insights how futuristic are we 5source/source

Judging by what Gareth Pugh presented on the runway, the future is consistently dark and beautifully bizarre, but at the same time very exciting. If we were to place his looks into a novel, they’d probably make for one of those bomb novels called Taking Over the Earth, or something. On an artistic note, though – these wearable sculptures are reminiscent of visual themes like the apocalypse, aliens and carnivals, and they can be dressed down to suit the present moment.


LED Dreams

fashion insights how futuristic are we 6


The outfits that literally make you light up. If that’s not future – we don’t know what is.

Everything we believed would happen (or read would happen) is, in fact, happening as we speak. However, we’ve got to admit – everything is way more fabulous than we have ever anticipated it would be… don’t you think?


Claire Hastings

Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.

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