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I am an ex-lab scientist (though not of the evil kind, much) and currently (serious hat on) work as a test engineer on scanning systems for use in histopathology and cytogenetics. In my spare time (propellor hat on) I nerd out on video games, apps, movies, television, comic books, regular books, tech and martial arts. I am also (spouse hat on) happily married to my beautiful wife Jing.

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  1. David Cheng
    David Cheng at | | Reply

    Hey, thanks guys. I’ve never read “The Filth” but I did a quick search and it looks like my kinda book. I’ll be heading to my local comic shop in the morning to bag myself the trade. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Chuck
    Chuck at | | Reply

    Great post! And it has inspired all the writers at What’cha Reading to come up with their own lists, which I’m being emailed at an alarming rate! I may have to post a similar piece. We’ll credit you for inspiration!

  3. LenTukwilla
    LenTukwilla at | | Reply

    great list, I would add Matt Wagner’s Mage to it as well

  4. TheFran
    TheFran at | | Reply

    Nice List. Preacher would be awesome! We spotted this in a similar article, comic books that deserve movies. Given this is non-superhero, I would add ‘The Filth’.

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