Gamers Gotta Game – 5 Ideas To Increase Your Gaming Experience

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We’ve all been there—you’ve been gaming for days, weeks maybe, when suddenly it doesn’t seem as fun to you. Every new mission feels like a waste of time, and that character on the screen becomes more annoying with each corny line he spouts. It’s the gamer’s doldrums, and just like in the old text adventures, it’s time to make a choice. Do you get up from the couch, roll up what’s left of the Doritos bag and go do something outside? Or do you find a new way to play, trying something new to enhance the gaming experience?

If you choose option B, here’s some ideas to increase your gaming experience:


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1. Change the game options

The trick to making anything more fun is to mess the rules, and most modern games are remarkably flexible. Have a look at the game’s options panel to see what you can alter. Whether it’s a different AI attack style or a different set of win conditions, seeing what the options let you change can really amp the gameplay.


2. Play a mod

There’s people all over the world who love the same games you do, many of them have too much free time on their hands, and some of them aren’t content to just use that time gaming. Many games allow you to mess with the game scripts and resources to create your own derivatives, usually with similar rules but often with startlingly different approaches. Try one out and see the game in a new light!


3. Start your own server

Playing online is a lot of fun, but even more fun is leading the game. It can be a little bit of work, but when you start your own server, you get to determine the options everyone uses to play together (see idea #1 for why this is awesome). Like Minecraft? Start a Minecraft server. Do it your way.


4. Use cheat codes

They’re not just for losers anymore. Once you’ve beaten the game honestly, try breaking the rules and see how it changes the gameplay! There’s crazy fun to be had when you break all the rules of physics and narrative plausibility.


5. Set handicaps

See what it’s like to play the game when you make the rules harder—rules that are in your head, not in the game. Don’t use that one awesome weapon, ever. Or don’t add the badass dude to your party. It’s the opposite of cheating!

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