Gaze Upon This Alien: Covenant Prologue And Despair

Prometheus was crap. A beautifully polished piece of crap, but crap none the less. Which means its sequel, Alien: Covenant, has its work cut out for it. Still, it looks far more promising just by virtue of actually having the iconic Alien in the film. And things continue to look up as the film comes closer to being released.

Now, we have a very fascinating prologue that details the journey of Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth and Michael Fassbender’s David to the Engineer home world. And in a span of two minutes the prologue makes you want to see more than the two hours in Prometheus ever did. One of the only saving graces of Prometheus was the android David and his relationship to his human creators. For a majority of the film he seems to be contemptuous of his creators and how they treat him, which makes his relationship with Shaw so interesting. Because she really is the only human who doesn’t treat him like dirt.

And we get to see more of that relationship here in this prologue, which Fassbender narrates. I particularly like that David does a drawing of Shaw, I just found that really damn cute.

I am so shipping them.

And soon David puts Shaw into stasis for the long trip to the Engineer home world. In the meantime he explores the ship and studies Engineer culture.

And surprise, they’re fans of HR Giger!

Then the ship arrives at what we can only assume is the Engineer home world. And if you pay attention you can hear what sounds like people cheering as the ship gets ready to dock. A fact that becomes rather chilling as the video reaches its climax.

And David refrains from making a “what’s your vector, Victor” joke.

We cut to see David in some sort of chamber full of what looks like ampules of plot convenient black goo, and he quotes an iconic piece from the poem “Ozymandias” before we cut to black.

So what the hell is David up to? We do know from some set photos that at some point the film will show an Engineer city full of dead engineers. Did David enact some kind of genocide on them? Why would he do this? Does it have anything to do with what he learned about them on the trip to the planet?

Earlier in the video Shaw mentions how she wonders if the Engineers will be worse than humanity. And given that the Engineers have a penchant for leaving the locations to their super-deadly weapon testing facilities, full of mutating goo and rape monsters, just lying around we can assume they’re probably not the friendly sort of godlike aliens. Is David, in his own twisted way, sparing Shaw from the disappointment? Or is he embracing his own drive to create and destroy? Needless to say, David continues to be one of the most fascinating characters in this new string of films, and we can’t wait to see just what the hell he’s up to when Alien: Covenant finally releases on May 19.

Tom Hoover

Writer, critic, and cheese addict. Tom is a fan of Neil Breen films, Deadpool, and the works of HP Lovecraft.

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