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  1. lorrie
    lorrie at | | Reply

    All great actors such a loss for Hollywood and for us! And yes Bully was a true story… very haunting and he portrayed such a great role

  2. Judy Brown
    Judy Brown at | | Reply

    Im glad Brad has not been left out he was a great actor that has never got the credit he deserved

  3. carl
    carl at | | Reply

    tupac shakur should also be on the list

    1. will
      will at | | Reply

      No, he absolutely should not be on this list.

  4. Colin Biggs
    Colin Biggs at | | Reply

    To think that Ledger was almost in No Country for Old Men too. Such a terrible loss.

  5. Justin Evans
    Justin Evans at | | Reply

    Bully is a great movie….true story I believe.

  6. Ryan Kline
    Ryan Kline at | | Reply

    Johnathan Brandis should be on the list

  7. MonkeyFascist
    MonkeyFascist at | | Reply

    “Lee was the son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.” Pretty sure being dead doesn’t make him not the son of Bruce Lee any longer.

    1. will
      will at | | Reply

      So, you think it should read “Lee is the son…”? That would imply that Brandon Lee is still alive, which he is not. “Lee was the son…” is correct as written.

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