Harry Potter In 99 Seconds

There are a heck of a lot of crazy things on YouTube and every now and then you feel quite lucky to come across a real gem, or something that just made you giggle a little bit and actually feel quite impressed. The above video: Harry Potter In 99 Seconds is definitely one of those moments.

Jon Cozart, going under the performing alias of PAINT, has created a 99 second musical breaking down all seven Harry Potter books in a humorous and glee-like fashion.

The singing and lyrics are spot on and executed flawlessly. This is pure fun.

Along with the above Harry Potter In 99 Seconds, PAINT have many fun videos such as Lord Of The Rings In 99 Seconds, a Movie Villain Medley and more – all of which you can check out on their YouTube channel here. And if you totally love the above song – you can get it on iTunes here.

I kind of love it when people go out of their way to create something a little out there, or something that is a twist on the classic way to tell a story – So when someone does it well, and elicits giggles and fun. I feel it is best to share. Though I do wonder what J.K. Rowling would think of this. I am gonna bet that she would love it.

If you are curious about Jon Cozart and you feel like doing a bit of net stalking (according to his YouTube, this is acceptable to him) you can find him at the following links:

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What do you think of Harry Potter In 99 Seconds? Is 99 seconds really long enough to tell a tale of such epic proportions? What other classics books/film franchises would you like to see broken down into a 99 second song-fest? 

harry potter in 99 seconds

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    Eu sou soper f ã do harry potter ja viditei muitos sites dele e esse site e bom pra saber tudo dele

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