Get The Look: How To Create The Hairstyles Of The Women Of Firefly

women of firefly hairstyles

Though the series only aired for a single season, Firefly has a dedicated group of faithful followers. If you are a Browncoat yourself, you know just how special each character is. When you engage in Firefly cosplay, one crucial detail of the characters’ appearances is the right hairstyle. While the male characters each have a relatively simple style, the female characters—each with long and flowing locks—can sometimes present more of a challenge. This article will offer some advice on how best to recreate the character coiffures that will add the finishing touch to your costume.



Kaylee firefly hairstyle
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Kaylee’s style is as sweet and uncomplicated appearing, as the character herself. With short front layers and predominately relaxed straight hair, this is a simple hairstyle to recreate if your hair is cut in the proper layers. Simply set the last four to six inches with large, open curls using a curling wand or iron. You can fix these natural-looking curls after styling with a small amount of product, but it’s important that the style remain flowing and natural.



zoe firefly hairstyle
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For those without naturally curling hair, Zoe’s hairstyle presents a pretty daunting challenge, with a myriad of tiny, tight curls overall. A permanent wave is often the simplest way to recreate this coiffure. However, if you are familiar with using small diameter curlers, you may set your hair with these while it is still moist. Then, apply a curly hair spray gel before removing your curlers.



river firefly hairstyle
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River’s hair is possibly the easiest to recreate, especially if you have straight hair yourself. When your hair is wet or damp, air dry it without using a brush or comb. If your hair naturally separates, give yourself her slightly dread-lock style by gelling together a few strands. The hair should be slightly wavy, which you can do with a gel when your hair is still damp.



Inara firefly hairstyle
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The gracefully arranged, abundant masses of Inara’s hair are a large part of her character’s seductive appeal. It appears in two styles with major differences, which we’ll examine here. The large wave that she sometimes appears with can be recreated using a curling wand or iron with a large diameter barrel on dry hair. Simply create large, loose curls, then brush gently before applying a mild styling product. The more formal, stylized curls she is most often seen with may be recreated by using a curling wand with a tapering barrel. Part your hair in the middle once you are ready to style it, then separate each side into small segments and clip out of the way. Starting with the bottom-most layer, fix your hair in curls, applying a spray to hold the curl as you go.

With a bit of patience and innovation, you can create a character hairstyle that will complete the look of the perfect costume. Even the sky poses no limit when it comes to Firefly cosplay. Use these tips will help you achieve that signature look of each character.

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