Judge Dredd Slow Motion Technology, Without The Drugs

When you watch a sci-fi movie do you ever think “Oh I wish that tech was real?” or “I wish that could happen in real life?”. In the reboot of Judge Dredd, the fictitious world depicted was rife with a drug (“Slo-Mo”) that slowed the user’s perception of time to 1% of normal. Which basically means that reality slows down giving a very cool slow motion effect, the kind that you used to enact and imagine when playing action-based games as a kid. As cool as that is on film, imagine just how cool it would be if you could experience this kind of Judge Dredd Slow Motion Technology in real life?

German artist, Lorenz Potthast has created a mechanism that does just that. The Decelerator Helmet is a device that allows the wearer to experience the sights and the sound of the world around them at a slower speed. This is further amplified by a hand-held controller that lets the user tweak the timing.

decelerator helmet judge dredd

The helmet has a built-in computer, a head mounted display (that ensures the user sees in slow motion) and it also has an external display that shows spectators what the wearer is experiencing.

Though not the most practical due to the size and weight of the helmet (I mean seriously can you imagine running around in something like this?), it is innovative tech like this, fine-tuned and made super-sexy, that will herald in a fun and more exciting future for us all. You’ve got to love a good gadget.

Below is a video of the Decelerator Helmet in action.


What do you think? Would you try out tech like this? What other sci-fi tech would you like to see made real? I’d personally like to see the replicators in use on Star Trek (mainly cos then I wouldn’t have to cook – oh, and I could eat anything that I like). 

captain Picard tea star trek


Source: The Entschleuniger
Video Source: Der Entschleunigerhelm – Zeitlupe fürs echte Leben from Lorenz Potthast on Vimeo.
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