The Latest Justice League Trailer Brings DC’s Mightiest Together

It’s fairly easy to bash on the latest slew of DC films as it’s painfully clear their attempts to both catch up with Marvel while also setting their own tone has, so far, been rather embarrassing. Still, it’s a ton of fun to finally see the whole DC superhero lineup together (sans Superman) in action. The latest trailer for the Justice League definitely makes you feel pumped as we get to see some pretty sweet shots of all the characters kicking ass and making quips. My favorite bit is when Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is riding atop the Batmobile! “I dig it” indeed!

What do you guys think? Will Justice League be the film to redeem the DCEU? Tell us in the comments below!


Tom Hoover

Writer, critic, and cheese addict. Tom is a fan of Neil Breen films, Deadpool, and the works of HP Lovecraft.

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