Live Action PAC-MAN: Retro Games Get Brought To Life

German Artist and freelance photographer, Patrick Runte has taken the beloved and very retro gaming staple that is Pac-Man and brought him to life. In a series of photographs titled, ‘Jump’n’Run‘, Runte has taken some of the best retro games and given them a live-action remake.

The Jump’n’Run series features games such as Pong, Space Invaders, Tetris, Pinball and more. The photographs feature the core elements of the game, such as the characters and the moves involved to get that high score, you know you were hankering after whilst playing them way, way, back in the day.

Space-Invaders_patrick runte

The models featured are dressed as the characters and ‘shooters’, and their costumes are both colourful and faithful to the original designs.

Retro games such as Pac-Man are everywhere at the moment, which is not a bad thing, but I have to say that I think Runte’s photographic take on retro gaming as a whole is a very welcome and refreshing change.

I think his photographs capture the fun and the simplicity that are at the centre of these old-school games. I love the startlingly bright colours and the depiction of movement. I think these would look great on any wall.

Patrick Runte had this to say about his Jum’n’Run series:

The work is inspired by OSKAR SCHLEMMER and his idea of the “Triadic Ballet” and the Term “Streetplay.” I wanted to compile old Video games, which are based on simple geometric forms and make them able to be experienced/felt by the human body. Do you know what I mean? Video games can not be experienced… They only make you feel like you are doing stuff. In my work, the games transform to real “Jump `N` Run.

You can view the full Jump’n’Run series here.

What do you think of this art series? Do you have a favourite from the collection? Are there any classic games that you would like to see brought to life? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 

Tetris_coloured patrick runte

Source: Patrick Runte

Susie McBeth

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