Mass Effect: Andromeda 1.05 Patch Fixes A Lot Of Problems

While I may have given Mass Effect: Andromeda a glowing review, apparently I was in the minority. Still, the game does have some flaws. Flaws that Bioware have addressed with the latest patch which fixes a ton of the graphical issues many had with the game. As well as some quality of life stuff that makes the game all the more enjoyable to play.

I’m currently on my second playthrough of the game and have had a chance to see some of these changes in action. Already the game looks a heck of a lot better. People no longer have lifeless doll’s eyes, which is a big plus. There have also been some updates to character wardrobe as I notice Cora and Liam are now sporting uniforms with more Andromeda blue on them. So I think a ton of the cosmetic issues many had with the game have been addressed.

However, Bioware went the extra mile here because that’s not all they fixed. One major issue I didn’t cover in my review was the game’s inventory system. You could only carry about 50 or so items before having to scrap or sell stuff. Which wouldn’t have been a problem if only all of your resources for upgrading items didn’t take up slots in the inventory. Worse yet, there was no way to store any of your favorite gear. Well fret no more, because Bioware cranked up the item limit to 100 (200 hundred with the proper upgrades)!

The best fix, in my opinion, is that they have made it so you can skip the unbearable cut scenes when travelling between planets in the same star system! Which makes exploration a whole lot more enjoyable.

So thanks Bioware for listening and taking the time and effort to go and do all that!

(And a special shout out to youtuber JV2017gameplay whose video I pilfered these images from).

Tom Hoover

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