Nerd Like You’s Last Minute Christmas Gift List

Christmas is nearly upon us, and if you are still hunting for some super cool geeky gifts for your family, friends or even for yourself (who doesn’t like to receive a gift they are guaranteed to like?), you are in luck, as we have you covered. 

Please note that items from this list are in no particular order and have been sourced from both the UK and the U.S. and if you click on the titles of each item you will be taken to where we found them. 

Solar Robot Kit £13.40

14 in 1 educational solar robot kit nerd like you

Who doesn’t want to build their own robot? This super cool kit allows you to build up to 14 styles of robots and all of them are powered by the great star that also powers our lovely planet. Neat!


NASA Oven Mitt $11.99 

nasa oven mitt

One small step towards making your kitchen feel a bit like the International Space Station and one giant leap to safer hands. The space geek in your life needs this oven mitt.


Space Food (Ice Cream) £6.99

space food astronaut ice cream - nerd like you

Strictly a stocking stuffer – but who doesn’t want to sink their teeth into some space ice cream? Also, this would pair pretty well with the NASA oven mitt (just saying!).


LED Light Stax £24.99

light stax - nerd like you

Building blocks that are also lights. I repeat, building blocks that are also lights! Seriously, how fun is this and functional. Make a bedside robot or a Tetris-style stack of lighted goodness. The possibilities are endlessly fun.


Brick yourself £29.99

brick-yourself - nerd like you

Ever wondered what you would look like as a LEGO man/woman? Of course, you have! And you can bet your buttons that the person you will be gifting this bad boy too has as well. Tweet us your pictures on @nerdlikeyou if you decide to go for this option. We want to see your LEGOtastic results.


Toast Heated Pillow £29.99

toast-heated-pillow- nerd like you

Is it just me, or has it been unseasonably cold this year? This kawaii cute heated pillow that charges by microUSB and will stay warm for up to 4 hours will keep you nice and toasty (pun intended). A must have for the person in your life that always seems to be cold – or just someone who appreciates the incredible cuteness of a pillow shaped like toast!


The Sushi Bazooka £19.99

the-sushi-bazooka-nerd like you

Fire out perfect sushi every time with this bazooka. And dare I say it, this weapon of choice could be the perfect addition to any food fight.


Critical Hit Mug £19.48

critical hit mug - nerd like you

Nerd up your tea or coffee with this awesome gametastic Critical Hit mug. Plus, it comes with a lid, ensuring that your drink stays hot while you play the night away.


Warhammer 40,000 Dark Vengeance Starter Set £54.42

warhammer 40,000 Dark Vengeance starter set

A perfect entry into the Warhammer universe for anyone looking to get into tabletop war games. This set has 49 really cool figures (all ripe for the painting) and is great as a standalone game or as a starting point to expand into the wider Warhammer 40K universe.


Grammarly Subscription $140 a year

The writer in your life needs this gift. Not only does it check your grammar it goes above and beyond improving readability and helping you to avoid the pitfalls of passive writing. It also has the best plagiarism checker on the web (at least I think so!).


Giant Microbes – Biohazards Gift Box £16.95

giantmicrobes biohazards

These giant microbes will give the science nerd in your life something to cuddle up to. They come in a range of sets and single plushies.


Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley £14.18

bryan lee o'malley seconds katie

What would you do if you could write down your mistake, eat a mushroom and have that mistake erased when you wake up the next day? You’d try it wouldn’t you?

Seconds is an incredible graphic novel written by the author of the Scott Pilgrim series. It is about a girl who makes questionable choices with a bit of time travel thrown in. You can get more of an idea about it by reading our spoiler-free review here – but if you are a fan of Scott Pilgrim, you won’t be disappointed as this is a continuation, not of the story, but of the sharp wit and humour. 


HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset PC/PS4/Mac/Mobile Starts at £60

hyperX Cloud II Gaming headset - nerd like you

Crystal clear audio and no distortion on the microphone. Optimised for gaming and ever so comfy (I have a set, and I love, love, love it!). If you game or want a new headset for calls, this is the headset for you. They come in a range of colours (and prices) and the memory foam, and the leatherette cushioned ears are the treat every head needs (trust me, you need this headset in your life).

Fidget Cube Pre-Order $22

Fidget_Cube - nerd like you

A preorder might seem like a disappointing gift, but if you have a fidgeter near and dear to you this holiday season they will certainly appreciate this sentiment. Fidget Cube as the name may clue, is a portable device for fidgeters to occupy themselves with, and even comes with some “silent” features for fidgeting in meetings. Unfortunately, they are only just completing their Kickstarter campaign not long ago the first batches are beginning to be shipped early next year.


Modular RPG Tilesets by Heroic Maps $0 to $10

Modular RPG Tilesets by Heroic Maps

For the pen and paper RPG player in your life, these print at home tilesets might be just the thing to bring to the next session. Featuring nicely detailed art and a number of different styles to work with as well as several systems and campaign settings.


Marvel Unlimited Subscription (1 year) $60

For the seasoned comic reader in your life or the latest fan, a year subscription to Marvel Unlimited would give them access to digital versions of the Marvel archive of comics. The only caveat is new issues take a few months before they can be accessed through Marvel Unlimited, but the back catalog has more than 17,000 issues to read up on. (Now if only DC offered something similar.)


Jackery Giant 12000mAh USB Battery Bank £17.99

jackery thunder x

It’s a pretty practical gift – but let’s be honest,  anyone can benefit from a portable USB battery bank. This Jackery Giant, in particular, I’ve kept in arms reach for the last few years and has come in handy and to the rescue at more conventions, in coffee shops, and on flights than I can count. The latest use, charging my PS4 controller from the couch while playing a game, avoiding the cable hazard dangling across the room.


Stylophone £19.99

stylophone - nerd like you

If you have a musician in your life, they will certainly get a kick out of this portable stylus based keyboard. Good for Jam sessions on the go, or just playing some of you favourite chiptune melodies.


Funko Dorbz Starts from around £8

funko dorbz beast - nerd like you

Not quite as popular as the Funko Pop vinyl figures, the Funko Dorbz fall equally into the cute, fun, collectable category with several pop culture icons to choose from. Quality and style any collector will be a fan of.


Audible Subscription (Audiobooks) $45

I love audiobooks. Being able to listen to several different books while driving, walking, or generally being on the go has become something I can’t live without. For your fellow book lover this subscription will give them 3 audiobooks over 3 months, and even if they decide not to continue the subscription they still get to keep the 3 books or save them to listen to at a later date.


Custom Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps $1 to $20

Tech Keys Mario_DSA - nerd like you

Love them or hate them mechanical keyboards have come back in a big way over the last few years. Customizing the keycaps is a great way to add a little personal flair, they also make magnificent stocking stuffers.


Minibru $15

minibru_nerd like you

While I prefer the stove top percolator for my coffee brewing, occasionally (read “often”) when craving for a cup of joe, there are no stove tops available. The Minibru is a portable coffee press that makes a decent cup so long as there is access to hot water and will be a far cry better than the office drip…


You’re Saying It Wrong – A Pronunciation Guide to the 150 Most Mispronounced Words $12

you're saying it wrong - nerd like you

For those that have a yearning to know how to properly pronounce words like Cthulhu and gnocchi, this book will help. It also may come in handy as proof that you’ve been saying the word correctly this whole time.


Masterclass Course $90

If you know someone with a deep interest in film, music or writing, one of the courses might be the perfect way for them to learn and take the next step in their craft. While I can’t vouch for the content of these lessons yet myself, sheer interest has had me coming to the site several times and debating which to try first.


We hope this list inspires you to pick up some last minute gifts or gives you an idea of what to hunt for when the January sales come around. Tweet us your gift ideas or share in the comments which items excite you the most. 

Jaesun McCoy

Jaesun is a lifelong gamer and comic book fanatic. He studied music before entering a career in film and now claims both are just hobbies. He can usually be found at the local pop culture convention or wherever pizza is sold.

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