Nerdtastic Indie Beauty Brands

nerdtastic indie beauty brands

Make-up comes in every colour under the sun now, thanks to a few dedicated indie make-up brands! Long gone are the days where we all wore red, nude or pink lipstick, black eyeliner and neutral eye shadow – this is a new era, of sky-blue lips, luminous yellow eyes and glittering black gloss. Expressing your individuality has never been easier. Finding a place to buy unique make-up – that might be difficult if you don’t already know what brands you’re looking for. Luckily, we’ve made this list of some of the best alt make-up brands around.


Lime Crime

lime crime lipsticks

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Lime Crime has taken the world by storm, so few people are out of the loop with this one – it’s a company that was started by Doe Deere, self-professed ‘Unicorn Queen’. She longed for a lipstick that came in every shade in the rainbow, but struggled to find one to meet her needs; hence Lime Crime was born. I love the lipsticks, but my personal favourites are the Velvetines and the Carousel Glosses, both unlike anything I’ve seen before!



sugar pill beauty brand

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Sugarpill has some of the very best, most pigmented colours around when it comes to eyeshadows. They’re a favourite of Make-up artists and beauty bloggers worldwide. The company was founded by Shrinkle, who has the most beautiful, multi-coloured hair and make-up you will ever see, you must look her up if you need some inspiration! Just like Lime Crime, their make-up is also vegan.


Bitchslap Cosmetics

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Ok, so the names of these Bitchslap Cosmetics lipsticks might leave you wincing (colours include F*ck Your Ex-Boyfriend, Pornstar and Wh*re), but we’ve heard good things about this cosmetics brand. It’s another favourite of beauty bloggers, and it sells lipsticks in a hugely varied range of colours, as well as stacks of pigment eyeshadows and dreamy, colourful glitters. Definitely worth checking out.


Concrete Minerals

concrete minerals beauty brand

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Who wouldn’t want some matte eye shadows in what’s called “The Zombie Collection”? Concrete Minerals are another brand who deals with intense rainbow-colours. They’ve even got a stock of voluptuous lip tints, all of which I’m dying to try out; and there’s little reason not to try them, because the prices are extra-reasonable.


Deborah Lippmann

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Do you want your nails to look like you just dipped them in a vat of liquefied jewels? Of course you do. Deborah Lippmann polishes aren’t like your average glitter polishes, they’re much more saturated with glitter, intense, dazzling glitter in colours you don’t tend to get in the UK!


What’s your favourite beauty brand? 

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