NLY Christmas Special – Top 5 Movies For the Festive Season (Part Three: Dan)

Christmas can be kind of a hectic time. Getting the decorations up. Making sure you have all your presents bought before they’re sold out of that thing that your kids absolutely must have. Making sure that you’ve got all your food and drink in. Wondering how exactly you’re going to pay for all of the above. Em, excuse me while I go hyperventilate into a bag for a few minutes…

OK, there is some good news. This time of year also comes with some of the most heart-warming and entertaining movies around. Which are perfect to help you relax and forget all about the holiday blues. So snuggle up, get yourself a glass of milk or eggnog, and get watching one of these classics.


Home Alone home alone - kevin and gun

This is one of those Christmas movies that just never gets old, unlike it’s star Macauly Caulkin. The story of Kevin McAllister getting left behind at Christmas is one that every kid has wished for a t one stage or another – usually when they’re annoyed at parents or siblings for being, well, parents and older siblings. It’s every child’s dream. No parents telling you what to do. No older brothers or sisters picking on you. No-one to tell you not to stay up late eating junk food and watching garbage. Unfortunately for Kevin, his dream Christmas quickly becomes a nightmare when his house is targeted by two inept and dimwitted criminals called Marv and Harry… though they prefer to be called the Wet Bandits. Fortunately for us, this leads to a class finale as Kevin defends his house by turning it into a death trap. He also learns a valuable lesson about loving his family or something but come on, we’re here for carnage.


Elf elf - buddy and his dad

You can’t help but love Buddy the Elf. Maybe it’s because he’s so filled with childish wonder at everything he sees… even discarded gum disgustingly. Maybe it’s because he’s played by Will Ferrell, who nails every joke and really makes you want to believe in Santa and the spirit of Christmas again. Maybe it’s because he somehow manages to convince Zooey Deschanel to fall in love with him (oh wait, I actually hate him for that). Or Maybe it’s because it’s hilarious to see Tyrion Lannister, or Peter Dinkage, beat the snot out of him because he keeps calling him an elf. Whatever it is, Elf really is a magical film that somehow manages to be both a hilarious and heart warming family movie whilst still managing to stay on the good side of ‘cheesy’.


Scrooged scrooged - frank cross and ghost of christmas present

Hands down, the greatest Christmas movie ever. I watch this every year with my family and still laugh at lines which I’m pretty sure my sister and I could recite by now. It’s a modern (well, modern in the 80’s, they do talk about VHS’ being a super hi-tech present) retelling of Scrooge, the film follows Bill Murray as a mean spirited, but undoubtedly funny TV executive who is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future so he can learn the error of his ways. Filled with great lines, eccentric ghosts and Bill Murray at his comedic best, this is my favourite Christmas movie of all time. And honestly, every time I watch the parody trailer for ‘The Night the Reindeer died’, I can’t help but wish that it was a real movie.


Die Hard die hard - john mcclaine - airvent

Technically this movie is set at Christmas so it kinda counts as a Christmas movie. However I’ll mostly remember it as the first action movie my dad and I ever watched together. It sees Bruce Willis’ John McClaine going up against a group of international thieves lead by the scene stealing Alan Rickman. Filled with some great effects, some seriously bloody action and just the right amount of quipping, this movie has withstood the test of time and remains one of the best action movies ever made and required watching during the Holiday season… which is helped by the fact that it is usually repeated quite a lot around this time of year.


Indiana Jones Trilogy Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade - father and son

I have great memories of watching the Indiana Jones flicks on TV over the Chrsitmas period when I was younger. Then watching the remastered version when they were released on VHS and Santa brought me them. Then again when they were finally released on DVD. Someday I’ll have a blu-ray player and will no doubt continue the tradition. There’s just something so amazing about watching the most rugged archaeologist of all time battling Nazis, Cults and then more Nazis. The films are non-stop thrill rides and the only movies where the term ‘rollicking romp’ can be used without irony. Plus, they’re surprisingly more violent than they really should be. And whilst all three* are great, I do have a fondness for the father/son dynamic in ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’.

*Kingdom of the Crystal Cash-in doesn’t count because it’s terrible.

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