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Susie McBeth is the founder, owner and Editor-in-Chief of Nerd Like You and Nerd Girl Topia. Susie is a comic book reading, anime loving, Batman obsessed, musician, artist, cosplayer, gamer, occasional supervillain and all round very nerdy girl. When not working on content for NLY and sneakily fitting in the odd zombie kill (on X-box 360), she can be found writing entertainment posts for national news entertainment site The Metro as well as writing guest posts for Bit Rebels and for Bad Haven. Susie is also the author of acclaimed blog A Twin Adventure as well as the geektastic Deviant Geek Girl tumblr blog.

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  1. aly meyer
    aly meyer at | | Reply

    I love Daryl every time o see him on the walking dead I blush and he is 100% bad ass!!!!! Peace love Daryl

  2. Daryl Dixon + Hello Kitty | External Brain

    […] Another bonus of playing Daryl Dixon is the fact that he has his own Hello Kitty character, he even has his own Daryl Hello Kitty iPhone cover (some people have it all) — via Nerd Like You […]

  3. Taylor
    Taylor at | | Reply

    Daryl is my favorite character of them all! Has been since season one. He’d definelty be on my side during a zombie apocalypse. :)

  4. Tina Maginley
    Tina Maginley at | | Reply

    I think I went crazy for him like many others because he’s an enigma! He seems to have all of these layers – just when you think you’ve figured him out, you see you were wrong! He’s a perfect combination of being ruggedly sexy and strong but still surprisingly still sensitive and he has a gentleness about him! He’s a mans man and a lady’s man!!

    1. Lalaine
      Lalaine at | | Reply

      wow, i couldnt agree more with you :) <3

  5. Beth
    Beth at | | Reply

    Can you tell me where I can get that Hello Kitty iphone case…I’ve looked everywhere and it’s no where to be found :(

    1. admin
      admin at | | Reply

      I am not 100% sure but the woman who designed it (Tracey Gurney) has a website and she has some stuff for sale on it there, plus she responds quick to email – so she should be able to help :) Hope you find one. (Susie)

  6. Walking Dead: 5 Of The Best Daryl Dixon Memes

    […] the baddest badass zombie hunters in the land, plays the role to perfection (as I have pretty aptly covered here). The intensity, humour, vulnerability and quiet strength that he brings to the role gives Daryl a […]

  7. Mae ramos
    Mae ramos at | | Reply

    i think he is the best character in the show. not that he’s just holding a crossbow but because he’s cool at everything. like staying outside of the house in the barn instead of staying inside and driving something loud that atracts zombies and he’s good at killing zombies , and very helpful with the team. He can be one of the survivors for me because I think he deserves it and he’s a good man. who won’t like him? he is norman reedus. duhhh? :))))

  8. Abby
    Abby at | | Reply

    Couldnt have chosen a better actor for this badass role never been more in love with someone I dont know<3

    1. admin
      admin at | | Reply

      I agree he fits the role perfectly :) Such a cool dude (Susie)

  9. Susan
    Susan at | | Reply

    sign me up to follow the character of Daryl. bring from the south I assure you he makes redneck/crossbow combo hot! just sayin….

    1. admin
      admin at | | Reply

      So very true :) (Susie)

  10. Sehena Falconi
    Sehena Falconi at | | Reply

    My zombie apocalypse survival team would consist of mostly Red necks and cowboys. Daryl, Merle, Tallahassee and… I don’t know who else! Oh yeah two of my best friends, Gavin and Kathleen. I’d need someone to keep me in line around Daryl.

  11. Renee Cooper
    Renee Cooper at | | Reply

    I love the way Norman brings Daryl Dixon to life! :) A character with depth and not mono-faced (yes, mono-faced is a word because I invented it.). A sexy alpha male, with a very kind, warm, side too. I’d want him on my team during WWZ! Plus I would have other uses for him too! ;) The Walking Dead is the one show on T.V. that I do not like to miss. The episode tonight was SPECTACULAR!
    I’ve been singing about the walking dead for some years now :
    ( ) so that qualifies me as an expert.
    Go team Norman!! <3 <3

  12. sookietex
    sookietex at | | Reply

    Please—not even a question. This group would not have survived
    24hrs without Daryl i’m not saying the others have not done their
    part—but Daryl is the only one among them who without
    hesitation—gets things done—period. PS the Hello Kitty tribute is awesome :D

  13. Kerrie Marks
    Kerrie Marks at | | Reply

    I think that it’s funny how Norman believes that it was Cherokee Rose that got women interested in Daryl. For me it was the second I saw “Norman Reedus” in the opening credits of episode 3. I think that Daryl is cool because he doesn’t talk about doing shit, he just does shit that needs done. That, and it would take a Charlize Theron type of make-under to make Norman look anything but cool.

  14. Lynette Sonya
    Lynette Sonya at | | Reply

    I’m torn between Rick and Daryl, both are quietly badass in their own way. If I had to choose between the two, hands down it would be Daryl. The crossbow is an efficient and quiet weapon, and of course, quite deadly… to the already dead. Comments on the Hello Kitty phone cover? meow! it takes a real man to carry that around!

  15. Kim K
    Kim K at | | Reply

    Daryl Dixon is definitely the man I’d want on my side in a zombie apocalypse! I know I’m not alone in that he quickly became my favorite character on the show. Liked Norman from some of his previous work. But really loving this character – badass survivalist, with a sweet, softer side that shows through every so often. :)

    1. susiemcbeth
      susiemcbeth at | | Reply

      I agree :) Thanks lots for commenting

  16. maybe_margot
    maybe_margot at | | Reply

    What I think of Daryl:

  17. A Parasitic Cyst
    A Parasitic Cyst at | | Reply

    I think it’ll be interesting when he meets Merle again. Who’s side will he take? Will he go back to being Merle’s yes-man or will he side with the group as he’s quite integral now. I’m hoping for some sort of epic battle to the death between the two.

    1. susiemcbeth
      susiemcbeth at | | Reply

      I think it will be very interesting. I too am hoping for an epic fight to the death (Daryl for the win). Thanks lots for commenting :)

      1. elle
        elle at | | Reply

        Im more worried about T dog when Merle meets them again :(

        1. susiemcbeth
          susiemcbeth at | | Reply

          eek! I hadn’t thought of that. I think that situation could get pretty interesting – At least T-Dog would have something to do though :)

        2. Sarah
          Sarah at | | Reply

          Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

          1. susiemcbeth
            susiemcbeth at | | Reply

            true :( bit of a shame, that his character didn’t get to do more.

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