Retro Floppy Disk Table: Perfect For Coffee, Cake And Nerds

Tables are not objects that are generally very cool. I seriously can not remember the last time my nerdy little heart skipped a beat or two with joy over the enticing thought of an end table, well, until now… But then, a floppy disk table will do that for you.

German designers Neulant Van Exel have created a design that is retro perfection. I love that they have expertly replicated the classic staple of any old-school computing collection, from the arrow down the side that tells you which end of the disk to insert into the computer, to the metal shutter that incidentally, slides across the length of the table to reveal a storage area. It is both an awesome design and a very useful addition to your home.

I also really love that each table has a unique serial number lasered on for authenticity, which I think also gives it a feel of exclusivity, that, and the fact that each one is hand-made and produced on-request.

floppy disk table neulant_van_exel arrow

When I first saw the floppy disk table I was instantly transported back to childhood and the weird intermittent wooshing and robot stuttering sounds the computer made as it attempted to save my masterpieces. After getting a little lost in nostalgia for five minutes or so, remembering the days of less efficient data storage, I moved onto the thought of how nerdy cool this table really is.

The fact that it is steel and black means that it will fit nicely into most colour and interior design schemes. It is functional and practical (the secret storage space is a big plus), it appeals to the nerd in me and above all it looks awesome.

If you are intrigued and want to see more designs by the beautiful minds behind this little number, you can view their portfolio of work here. Their site contains images of their interior designs, brandsetting and art and it is well worth a look.

Below are the specs for the table:


Hot-rolled steel (welded)

Stainless steel (welded)


27.56″ width x 25.59″ height x 17.72″ depth

70cm width x 45cm height x 65cm depth

If like me you have fallen a little bit in love and are wondering how to go about snapping one of these up? Or if you just want to find out more about it, then you will find your answers here.

What do you think? Would you own a table like this? 

black floppy disk table

 Source: Neulant Van Exel

Susie McBeth

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