Retro With A Twist: 6 Modern Devices Disguised As Old-School Gadgets

As we step into the future, we look back into the past for inspiration. Some modernize old technologies for a new audience, while others bring their memories from the past into the future. These blends of retro technology and modern power fuel nostalgia around the world. If you like borrowing styles from the past, but enjoy the technological advancements of today, read ahead for some ideas of accessories you might be missing:


Typewriter Tablets

tablet - usb typewriter - accessory

Several designs for this concept exist, so you can shop around to find a model that best fits your fancy. The idea? Plug a modern tablet into a modified typewriter device. Rather than hammering the screen to type each letter, the device uses modern keyboard keys and a USB connection to type. If you’re a bit older and would like to reminisce about typing away on a typewriter to write papers during your college days, you can combine the two technologies to achieve nostalgic bliss.


Vintage Phones and Accessories

Crosley products - retro phones

One of the biggest changes in technology in the past 50 years is evidenced by the fact that most men, women, teenagers, and even some children all have their own phones—and they usually have these phones in hand for a great portion of the day. If you’re looking to re-create a retro-modern look in your home, use novelty telephones and other Crosley products that are fully compatible with today’s technology, but have a look that reminds us of a simpler time. These disguised telephones can be the perfect addition to a retro den, or cabin if you’re trying to incorporate décor from years past.


The Fujifilm X-E1

The Fujifilm X-E1 - camera

Digital cameras have progressed from clunky machines to sleek technology as small as an iPod. Every phone has one built-in, though the quality is questionable for many. The Fujifilm X-E1 brings back the solid look of cameras from decades past, but updates the technology with modern digital SLR capability. Use a retro camera to take modern high definition digital pictures.


The Seiki Retro TV

Seiki Retro TV set

Bring back feelings of the 80s with this bubble-shaped TV on legs. The Seiki Retro TV combines an outer shell design straight from the 70s with modern technology in the guts. It may look retro, but it displays full HD 1080p video through modern HDMI.


The Audio Infuser 4700

Audio Infuser 4700

Retro stereos were the first big hit in retro-modern technology. The Audio Infuser 4700 is the pinnacle of both designs. It combines old Peavey knobs, braided cloth cords and a vintage CRT visualizer. It’s powered by a linux-based Raspberry Pi computer and interfaces with Wi-Fi to stream digital music. It’s the best of both worlds for vintage audiophile.


The Digital Super 8 Cartridge

Ortho Hero - Digital Super 8 CartridgeSuper 8 cameras are a staple of old-school film making, but no one has produced new film for them in decades. The cameras, which were astonishingly high quality and work flawlessly today, have no way to record. The digital Super 8 cartridge is a bit of high-tech power to join with the retro camera. To the camera, it acts like film. To the filmmaker, it records high-definition video using retro technology.

With retro looks powered by modern technology, people of all ages can have the best of both worlds. There’s something positive to be said of the stylistic choices made in the 60s, 70s and 80s, before everything went black and white with soft round corners. Bring back the wood grain and classic colors with these retro-modern technologies, and it will set you apart from the boring, 21st century crowd.

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