Star Wars star Mark Hamill joining TV series The Flash

the flash - trickster - mark hamillIf you have not been watching TV show The Flash, you need to start.

Not only is it a lot of fun, with some great looking effects and stories, but it is shaping up to be one of the best comic book series on TV.

If you thought the news of the big Flash vs Arrow crossover was amazing, then prepare to ratchet your excitement up a whole new level as The Flash has outdone itself with the casting for a story ark featuring late on in the first season.

He may have been busy doing super-secret things on the Star Wars: Force Awakens set, but apparently Mark Hamill (yep, Luke Skywalker, voice of the Joker…that Mark Hamill) will be putting down his Lightsaber long enough to cause some mischief on The Flash.

EW have confirmed that Hamill  is set to reprise his role (to a fashion) as the Trickster in episode 17 of The Flash.

Mark Hamill played the role of the Trickster in a deliciously camp depiction in the nineties Flash TV series.

This depiction will be a little different from the overzealous villain that went crazy in toy stores and liked to ride scooters that we saw in the nineties, this one is a bit darker and more realistic.

We will see the Trickster as a con man serving a life sentence in Iron Heights. He is a man that Barry Allen and Detective West will ask for help when a wannabe Trickster begins attacking Central City.

Interestingly enough…and this made me geek out pretty hard, his time in Iron Heights will reunite Hamill with the man who played the nineties Flash, and who now plays Barry Allen’s (the current Flash) dad, John Wesley Shipp. A fact I find weirdly exciting. Oh the nostalgia!

the Flash and TricksterMark Hamill’s depiction of Trickster in the nineties was one of the highlights of the series. The chaos, madness and fun he brought to his scenes were amazing must watch moments and the voice that he used for the character, was one step away from his iconic ‘Joker voice’ that really brought the Joker to life in both the animated series and Arkham games. Trickster felt very much like a warm up, but one that is worthwhile watching.

I am looking forward to seeing Hamill give the character another go. This time from a more grounded place, though hopefully he will keep a lot of the madness we saw that he was capable of in the nineties intact.

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