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I am a nerd, film enthusiast, gamer, writer, and lover of all things covered in cheese. I am currently studying to receive my Bachelor's in English Literature and intend to study game design afterwards.

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  1. Tony Friery
    Tony Friery at | | Reply

    There’s always the old trustworthy strapped-to-a-table-with-laser from Goldfinger? Seriously, what a great category though – so many to mention!

  2. FrankenPC
    FrankenPC at | | Reply

    Good list. Glad you mentioned Cube. Great movie.

    I would add the Alice LASER trap in Resident Evil.

  3. Grahame Womersley
    Grahame Womersley at | | Reply

    How about a special mention for “sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their frickin heads.” Lol

    1. Bert Macklin
      Bert Macklin at | | Reply

      Hahahaha oh man, classic Grahame. You never fail me you sonuvabitch!

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