Video Of Ryan Gosling Bringing The ‘Hey Girl’ Memes To Life


The Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl‘ Memes are everywhere. I am sure you must have seen at least one or two on your journeys through the internet (Pinterest in particular is rife with them).

They are sweet funny little memes that explain why he is the perfect man for just about anyone (check out the meme at the bottom of this post, it says it all). Apparently, his normal credentials of saving the lives of women, starring in some pretty fantastic movies and now directing his own fantasy film (which you can read about here: Ryan Gosling Tells Us How To Catch A Monster) are not enough. But at least we have these memes to seal the deal.

sad keanu meme forrest gump

These memes, are a little fun, on occasion a little creepy, mostly quite sweet, sometimes quite funny and overall a lot more flattering then the Sad Keanu memes that are floating around the internet, though they are generally not as cool as the Daryl Dixon ones that are out there.

daryl dixon zombie meme

So if you like the ‘baby goose’ memes then you are in for a real treat. Whilst promoting the film Crazy, Sexy, Love in an interview with MTV After Hours, Josh Horowitz coaxed Gosling into acting out some of the ‘Hey Girl’ memes. To his credit, Gosling saw the funny side and indeed was in fits of laughter. He did manage to reenact a couple of them with very funny results.

You can watch the video in full below: 

I really liked that he had a sense of humour about the whole thing. He definitely seems like a good egg and hats of to Horowitz for getting him to do it. It is nice when interviews take an unexpectedly fun turn and this one certainly did.

Do you think Gosling was a good sport? Do you have a favourite Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Meme? Let us know as always, in the comments…

ryan gosling hey girl meme

Image Source: Ryan Gosling, Hey Girl Meme, Sad Keanu Meme, Daryl Dixon Meme
Source: You Tube MTV After Hours

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