The Walking Dead: 6 Of The Best Daryl Dixon Memes

god created awesomeness daryl dixon memeThe internet is rife with Daryl Dixon memes right now. Most of them pretty amusing and some just proclaiming how sexy he is – both totally valid uses of meme if you ask me. There is even a trend of ‘Chuck Norris style facts’. For example:

“Daryl Dixon only lets people put him in a choke hold because that’s the only acceptable way to hug him.”


“When Daryl Dixon rides into the sunset, the sun is actually running away from him.”

Quite simply, it seems that people are wild about Daryl Dixon and why wouldn’t they be?

He is tough, has pretty good manners, isn’t the least bit whiney, is a damn good shot with a crossbow, kills zombies like an ear-wearing ninja, rides a motorcycle and is pretty damn badass.


Why so popular?

I think the reason Daryl’s character is so popular is because he lacks the kind of drama that can occasionally feel a bit tired. Don’t get me wrong, he suffers like the rest of them, but he mans up and doesn’t let it stop him from getting the job done. Even when he was on his obsessive hunt for Sofia, hallucinating like crazy and being attacked by zombies, he held it together and made his way back to the group (mostly sane, unless you count the ear necklace). He doesn’t have the lady drama, the jealousy, the crisis over whether zombies have rights and should be killed or not. Nope – he just has the job of living life and killing ‘Walkers’ along the way. Plus, you’ve got to love someone who can pretty much save a group of people just by staring the zombies down…okay, so looks like I just made up my own Daryl Dixon “fact”.

norman reedus cheap trick shirt

Norman Reedus, the guy who plays one of the baddest badass zombie hunters in the land, plays the role to perfection (as I have pretty aptly covered here). The intensity, humour, vulnerability and quiet strength that he brings to the role gives Daryl a depth that I think some other actors would not have been able to convey.


6 of the best Daryl Dixon Memes

Anyway, onto the memes. As I said above, there are a ton of memes floating around the net at the minute and I have picked the best 6 out of the bunch that I have come across.

Let me know which one is your favourite and if you have one that you think should have made the 6, or a fun Daryl Dixon “fact” share it with us.

crossbow not included daryl dixon meme

if daryl dies we riot

daryl dixon meme argument invalid

daryl dixon knows where carl is

daryl dixon like a boss

check for ticks dary dixon meme

I’m guessing that is not all they will be checking for…

Img Source: Norman Reedus
Meme & Daryl Dixon “facts” Source: Google

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