Why you need to dye your hair lavender, right now

There are so many gorgeous colours to dye your hair. From the more standard shades of blondes, reds and browns to the sumptious pinks, blues, greens and purples – whether in rich deep tones or hues of pastel there is something for everyone, and today I am going to concentrate on the very beautiful colour, lavender.

I love changing up my hair colour. It is a great way of expressing my personality that I keep (not so) hidden within, and sharing it with the world…and it looks cute (at least I think so and that’s what counts).

I have tried many colours and currently Lavender is my favourite (I am currently rocking Crazy Colour’s Lavender). I have posted a couple of pictures of myself in the photos above to give you an idea of what the Crazy Colour Lavender shade looks like (my hair was blonde before Lavender).

So what is appealing about Lavender hair?

Well, on many people it weirdly looks quite natural and it has a really magical quality. It is really flattering on pale skin and suits most styles so it really is all win when it comes to this colour.

Doe Deere geek fashion icon

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Geek fashion icon and CEO of Lime Crime Make-Up, Doe Deere (who is also a self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen) once favoured a very stunning custom shade of Lavender for her own luscious locks and she shows exactly why Lavender is so damn good!

How to make your lavender colour last

lavender hair

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It is annoying when you dye your hair a shade of awesomeness and then one week later it is at best, gone and at worst, streaky. I suffered from this until earlier this year when I experimented a bit with shampoo and dying times and learned these few things:

Firstly, when dying your hair, leave the colour on for at least an hour (I leave mine on for an hour and a half) that way you will get a stronger colour.

Secondly, once your hair is lavender, try and wash it only once or twice a week (use dry shampoo in between).

And when you do wash it use a silver shampoo like this one by Pro:Voke (which you can get in most Boots stores). When you shampoo let it soak into your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing and then condition as normal, it may be a bit of an ‘old lady’ shampoo, but it does the trick and keeps your lavender colour fresh and strong. Just make sure you go for the twice weekly version, rather than the every day.

Below are some of my favourite Lavender hair colour looks

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