The Work Day Nap ‘Inemuri’ Another Reason Why Japan Rules

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I am pretty much in love with all things ‘Japan.’ From the fashion, the mix of traditional and ultra-modern culture to the vending machines filled with all kinds of crazy goodies (including panties). Not forgetting, the food (sushi is yum!), the tech, the manners (Japanese people are super lovely) and of course the anime and manga (which is one of the things that rocks my world on a daily basis). And if these reasons were not enough (plus, I am fairly sure I missed a few out), here is another reason why it would seem Japan is the place to be.




Inemuri literally translates as: “sleeping while present.”

In Japan, the business culture there has accepted the need for a workday nap. In fact, they see it as a sign that their employee has been working super hard and the only way that this hard working employee can get through the day and produce the same high standard of work is to take a nap.

Some people even fake inemuri so as to give the impression to their bosses that they too have been working super hard.

I don’t know about you? But I would never need to fake a nap, whether I had been working hard or not…

The idea of a workday nap is even supported by NASA, who performed a series of tests that concluded that napping during the daytime could improve working memory. They found that napping during the day can improve focus on one task while at the same time storing other tasks in memory, which is something that is necessary when trying to perform a complex piece of work.

Now, the idea of napping while at work in the UK is a somewhat foreign concept and is likely to get you reprimanded (I speak from experience…Though in fairness to my boss at the time, it wasn’t that I had been working super hard, it was more like the meeting was so boring I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Which in fairness to me, is a pretty good reason to fall asleep). But it might be something that the UK, or indeed, the rest of the world, may want to embrace. Because you know if NASA endorses it, and the Japanese (who are so cool) are on board…then that is reason enough!


An interesting fact about Inemuri:

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If you have visions of people laying down underneath their desks, or napping on beds while in the office – Wipe that vision away. Inemuri traditionally takes place sitting up, so that the worker is engaged with the working environment.

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