This Year The Ultimate April Fool’s Joke Was Releasing Real Stuff And Watching Fans Get Confused

For the nerd community, April Fool’s Day is a day where creators toy with fans by showing them awesome things that won’t actually happen. As was the case with IGN’s infamous “Legend Of Zelda Movie” prank. This year, however, that wasn’t the case for many fans.

The best example of this was the surprise premiere of the long awaited third season of Rick And Morty. The show has been on indefinite hiatus since 2015, and it’s become a long running joke that the third season would take forever to be released. If it ever did at all.

It was a joke that the show creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland were more than happy to get in on. Even going so far as to Rick roll their entire fanbase. And many fans were inclined to believe that this year’s April Fool’s would result in yet another tantalizing tease of a season that would never come. Dan Harmon even tweeted about season 3 that very day, saying to a fan: “what if I waved a magic wand and made the first episode of season 3 premiere tonight is that what you’d want?”

Why yes, that would be nice.

And the joke was on us. Because that very night it did.

The same thing happened to fans of a popular machinima series Freeman’s Mind as well. Fans have been clamoring for creator Ross Scott to continue the series with Half-Life 2, and it remained to be seen as Scott had other aspirations he wanted to pursue before tackling Freeman’s Mind 2. But lo and behold, April 1st gave us the first episode of Freeman’s Mind 2! The response was… confused, to say the least.

Needless to say, it’s a prank that everyone can enjoy. And those are the best pranks of all.

What was your favorite April Fool’s prank this year? Shout out in the comments below!

Tom Hoover

Writer, critic, and cheese addict. Tom is a fan of Neil Breen films, Deadpool, and the works of HP Lovecraft.

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