5 Films To Look Forward To In The Later Half Of 2014

So far, 2014 has had some great films but the year isn’t over yet and the future looks bright. Here are some of the films to look forward to in the not-too-distant-future.


5. The Boxtrolls

the-boxtrolls-eggsAs a fan of stop-motion animation I’m practically contractually obliged to see The Box Trolls. Laika, the animation studio behind Coraline and ParaNorman, is behind this cute little tale of a boy raised by garbage salvaging trolls. From the look of the trailers, this film will deliver some truly interesting artistic visuals. Toss in a top notch cast consisting of the likes of Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark from Game of Thrones), Ben Kingsley, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, along with Richard Ayoade (Moss of The IT Crowd) and you have what looks to be a wondrous, and hilarious, animated feature.


4. Horns

Horns Movie Picture (6)Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Horns tells the story of a young man, called Ig, accused of murdering his girlfriend. The twist here is that one day he wakes up with horns growing out of his head which grant him supernatural abilities, which he uses to try and uncover the real murderer. However, growing devil horns after being accused of murder doesn’t help your public image, making Ig’s job that much harder. This film nearly slipped under my radar until just recently, and hopefully it proves to be as interesting as its premise suggests.


3. The Maze Runner

Maze-Runner-Movie-StillBased on the James Dashner novel of the same name, which is on my “seriously need to read” list, The Maze Runner is a sci-fi thriller about a group of teens trapped in an enormous maze that is home to creatures called Grievers. The answers to who built the maze and why may rest on one boy named Thomas who endeavors to navigate his way out of the maze. While I’d normally pass this movie off as yet another attempt to cash in on The Hunger Games’ popularity, and it is, the fact of the matter is that I heard about the books well before this movie was made, and if this film is anything like these books then it’s worth a look.


2. Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 (2)

Based on the Marvel comic of the same name, Big Hero 6 is a Disney animated feature about a young inventor named Hiro Hamada and his adorable robot sidekick, Baymax, who must form a group of crime fighters to stop a major crime from being committed. While very little about the film has been divulged what we have seen so far is more than enough of a reason to see this movie. The adorable, inflatable, robot is reason enough to see it.


1. Interstellar

interstellar2Come on, it’s a space/time travel film directed by Christopher Nolan, of course it would be number one on this list. Pairing the director of Memento and Inception with a story about faster-than-light travel and possible time travel sounds like a chocolate/peanut butter situation. Considering Nolan’s penchant for mindf*ckery and some really amazing visuals, along with a pretty strong cast, Interstellar looks like it’ll reach those stars it’s reaching for.

Which movies are you looking forward to in the near future? Share them in the comments below.

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Tom Hoover

Writer, critic, and cheese addict. Tom is a fan of Neil Breen films, Deadpool, and the works of HP Lovecraft.

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