5 Food Network Shows That All Restaurant Owners Need To Watch

Every year, the Food Network comes up with new ways to share the love of food with their growing audience. No longer solely the domain of celebrity chefs, it now features restaurant owners of all sorts. These shows give savvy restaurant owners great insight on how – and how not! – to operate their business. If you’re trying to run or manage a restaurant, consider using a few Food Network shows to educate you on what you are doing right (or wrong). The following shows will definitely offer some valuable insights for anyone trying to run a restaurant.


Restaurant: Impossible

restaurant impossible - Robert Irvine - logoMuscle-bound Robert Irvine charges through failing restaurants like a bull in a China shop. His expert opinion allows him to identify shortcomings in food, service, management, and decor. He and his team reboot and remodel these restaurants to make them the best they can be. While Robert works with true nightmare situations, watching his show teaches you how to avoid a problem before it spirals out of control. Whether it’s restaurant appearance, employees, or marketing problems, this show will teach you how to avoid a disaster, and make your restaurant dreams possible.


Restaurant Stakeout

Restaurant Stakeout - Willie DegelWillie Degel really knows how to whip a restaurant into shape. He installs hidden cameras around his client’s establishment and pinpoints problems as they occur. Willie will help you see where your own restaurant’s operation can be smoothed out. While it may not be a good idea to install hidden cameras in your establishment, paying close attention to how the business runs will definitely help you nip any problems in the bud. If you can implement Willie’s investigative skills, you’ll learn how to be vigilant to disruptions in your service and quickly resolve problems that make for bad business.


Mystery Diners

mystery diners - Charles StilesWhat happens in your restaurant when you’re not looking? The Mystery Diners are a team of restaurant detectives who investigate what happens when the boss isn’t around. They weed out thieves and liars from the staff, and ensure that no employee mistreats a customer. This show teaches you how to identify problem employees before they do serious harm to your establishment and can help you pick up a few tips for when you’re interviewing. The best way to deal with bad employees is to make sure you don’t hire them in the first place.


Thieves, Inc.

Thieves, Inc. - shop liftingThe quirky hosts of this show are a married couple of security professionals with a shady past. They know the ins and outs of the criminal mind, and put their knowledge to the test as they rob stores – to show their weaknesses! Watching these two go to work on a store may seem like a guilty pleasure at first, but it may just show you the crucial flaws in your own security. As a restaurant owner, you may be fore proficient in the food side of things, and not so much on the business end. If you’re new to owning an establishment, you’ll want to learn a little bit about how to protect your business from thievery. Watching Thieves, Inc. will surely educate you on what types of security measures to take for your business.


Buy This Restaurant

buy this restaurant - Keith SimpsonKeith Simpson is the aspiring restaurant owner’s best friend. He guides first-time owners through all the steps of investigating and purchasing the location of their dream restaurant. Following Keith, you’ll learn more about the tough business of opening a business. He’ll leave you feeling more confident on your own path to finding a place for your food. After watching a few episodes, you’ll learn how to spot a profitable location and what the owner can do to help their business thrive. If you’re not a restaurant owner yet, but you’d like to be, watch a few episodes of Buy This Restaurant and let Keith show you the ropes.

While these shows are entertaining, and at times a bit over the top, they can offer some great trade-secrets and insider information that will truly help you in running your restaurant. You can learn about the latest trends, things to avoid, and maybe get some ideas for new innovations or changes you want to make. So, turn on the Food Network to be equally entertained and educated. Information for this article was provided by the professionals of Fadels Food Service Equipment & Supplies, who provide catering, glassware, and other kitchen equipment to restaurants.

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