5 Retro and Geeky Swimwear Sets For Summer

geeky swimwear

Are you jetting off for the Easter holidays this weekend? If so, I want you to know that I’ll be jealous beyond measure – but I am in the process of planning my holiday wardrobe for May at least! That means recently I’ve been trying to find the perfect swimwear, but it’s a real ordeal. Swimwear has to be one of the most infuriating fashion items to purchase, especially when you’re looking for a certain style to suit your body shape or a certain colour or pattern that isn’t currently in fashion. Again here I’m going to recommend you shop for swimwear with some independent designers, because the fact is, high street stores only produce a small range of swimwear because it is only bought during a small holiday season, so they produce in a way that maximises their profit margins, and usually that means only a few shapes, and in patterns and prints that are trend led.

This year that means geometric, artsy fabrics and metallics, so if you’re not a fan of those turn your attention away from the high street right away.

Here are five beautifully made geeky swimwear alternatives!


Galaxy Print Retro Bikini from RedDollySwimwear (Around £50 depending on conversion rate)

Galaxy Print Retro Bikini from RedDollySwimwear

This is the perfect set for curvy girls – if you’re like me and you’re a bit conscious of your tum when you’re out at the poolside high-waisted bottoms are the way to go. Not to say that anyone should be conscious of their tum – you should wear whatever you feel comfortable and beautiful in! I think high-waisted bottoms are the ultimate in retro glam, and if you have a bigger bust too this bikini comes with the ultimate luxury – padded cups, so you’ll feel secure even in a bandeau top!


Marvel Bow Bandeau from Trendy Bows’n’Bands (Around £12 depending on conversion rate)

Marvel Bow Bandeau from Trendy Bows’n’Bands

Bow bandeau tops are so simple but extremely cute on any figure. The best thing about buying a bold, print bikini top means you can buy various bottoms in different styles to mix and match, and you can even wear this top as a cute combination with shorts whilst lounging on the beach.


Mermaid Holograph Bikini Bottoms from AliciaZenobia (Around £27.50 depending on conversion)

Mermaid Holograph Bikini Bottoms from AliciaZenobia

Want to look as cute and awe inspiring as Ariel did when she lounged majestically on that rock in the ocean? Perhaps these holographic mermaid scale pants will do the trick. I’ve seen this fabric used for leggings but I think it’s much more dramatic and stunning as swimwear!


Lord of the Rings Bathing Suit from XSBoutique (Around £11)

Lord of the Rings Bathing Suit from XSBoutique

Black Milk isn’t the only creator of spandex, although they do it well, you can also find high quality hand printed suits on Etsy for a fraction of the price – Black Milk have been virally successful, but that does mean you pay more brand mark-up than anything else.


Lumpy Space Princess Swimsuit from Modest Luxury (Around £23)

Lumpy Space Princess Swimsuit from Modest Luxury

You need this. I don’t need to say anything more than that.

Which would you choose?

Kirstie-Ann Pimbblet

Kirstie is a Japanophile, PS3 addict, flat-faced cat lover and aspiring fashion entrepreneur. Some of her greatest loves in life include Adventure Time, the Fallout games, High School of the Dead, Blue Exorcist and vegetarian sushi. You will often find her clunking around in her highly impractical neon-pink platform boots at anime and Japanese conventions. Her current obsession is her coming soon online shop Yurei.

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