7 Events That Require The Presence Of An Elvis Impersonator

The real question is: when don’t you need an Elvis impersonator? Just about any situation can be improved with the charisma and musical flair of the King, but here are seven events that might be the sole reasons Elvis impersonators were created.



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The power of The King is not just restricted to ceremonies held in an Elvis wedding chapel in Las Vegas. In fact, it can be argued that no wedding ceremony is complete without at least one dark-haired pompadour in the crowd. Double points if the wedding officiator wears a bedazzled cleric collar and punctuates the wedding vows with pelvic thrusts and references to Elvis’ comeback albums.

If the ceremony is being held in a Catholic cathedral and your aged grandmother is in the congregation, you might need to save Elvis for the reception (unless, of course, your grandma is an Elvis fan too).


Grand Openings

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So, you’re opening a second location or starting your first business venture, but you can’t afford to hire a living celebrity to endorse you? “That’s all right, mama.” Nothing validates your fledgling company like an international sex symbol cutting the red tape. Wise men may say only fools rush in, but with a little help from an impersonator, your customers won’t be able to help falling in love with you.



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Whether you’re holding a walk-a-thon, manning a dunking booth, or collecting recyclables for a little league team, an Elvis impersonator provides the required pizazz to keep your whole team rocking around the clock. For even more star power, consider hiring a trio of Elvises to sing crowd pleasers like “Hound Dog” and “Follow that Dream” near your street fair stall or on the high school auditorium stage you booked for the occasion.


Surprise Parties

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Is a coworker, friend, or family member caught in a trap of the mundane and can’t walk out? Organize a surprise party to celebrate their birthday, a promotion, or a move and put Elvis Presley at the top of the guest list. Inviting Elvis to star in a personal party is sure to be a hit, especially if your friend is an Elvis junkie. Nothing frees you from the daily grind like being told you’re the cutest jailbird a wig-and-sunglasses-wearing Elvis impersonator ever did see.



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The deceased may have been nothing but a hound dog, but nothing honors his or her memory better than having the immortal King of Rock’n’Roll give the eulogy. He can set a mood of reflection and solemnity with ballads like “Heartbreak Hotel,” “In the Ghetto,” and “Crying in the Chapel.” And because impersonators come just about any way you want them, you can hire an Elvis with the iconic black meeting-President-Nixon cape and accompanying enormous belt buckle to make sure he doesn’t clash with the somber décor.


Graduation Ceremonies

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Set your children up for success by inviting a sparkling, caped Hillbilly Cat to their next graduation or school promotion ceremony. Not only can Elvis bulk up your kid’s cheering section, word has it that he squeezes tighter than grizzly bear when hugging proud new graduates. After all, what couldn’t a hug from Elvis motivate you to do?


Trips Down the Strip

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Are you lonesome tonight? There’s no cure for loneliness like taking a trip down the Las Vegas Strip in your blue suede shoes. With a “fat Elvis” to your left and a “thin Elvis” to your right to love you tender, you’re sure to be singing “Viva Las Vegas” and practicing the signature Elvis sneer all night long.

From the fresh-face kid that appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and told recording companies that he “don’t sing like nobody” to the shaggy-haired comeback artist, there truly is an Elvis for every occasion. Who knows? Maybe in your search for the perfect Elvis impersonator, you’ll run into the King himself, walking the streets of Memphis.

Emma Sturgis

Emma is a writer living in Boston. When not writing or spending too much time on the computer, she enjoys tabletop games, comics (DC), and baking.

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