Five Pieces That Prove Pugs Are More Fashionable Than You!

The fashion cosmos has quite literally gone barking mad with pug love! You’re now able to get your hands on everything from doggy-designed earrings and headphones, right down to slipper socks and onesies. This calls for a huge thanks to both fashion designers and retailers who have made the endeavour of dressing up head-to-toe as one of Britain’s prized pooches, a very enjoyable one.

If you’re fashion savvy and like to stay up-to-date with celebrity trends then you’ll have already cottoned on to the pugly decorated stars who are transforming the novelty trend into haute couture. The likes of Mila Kunis, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Nicole Richie are only a select few of the A-listers who seem to have caught and adopted the pug fever.


Need Some Pug lovin’ in your life? Here are five of my favourite pieces:

pug - Wag Pug - Necklace

Taking the crown at the top of my list is the Wag Pug Necklace, and as they say themselves, there’s no love quite like pug love! Quietly stated jewellry and handcrafted pendants are a big fat YES right now and always have been. Whether it’s everyday-chic or nighttime-glamour, this gorgeous little pug piece will add both class and style to any outfit of choice. Never to go out of fashion, there’s just no need for a fakey, as these Wag necklaces are the real deal, available in both sterling silver and dipped gold.

2 pug - t-shirt

A close second is the pug-life inspired shirt from top geek-chic store Chicksrule. With the likes of  Rihanna, Rita Ora and Cara Delevigne dominating the fashion hall of fame, current trends are definitely taking a turn for the gangster.  This Pug Shakur Tee by Goodie Two Sleeves exudes the inner rebel that we all want to draw out. Don’t let this do-rag adorned pug out-fashion you; go grab this super cool shirt to add a splash of thug flair to an otherwise conservative ensemble. ModCloth - Wisdom By Winston - Tote

My third choice plays a pivotal part in any female’s attire – The Tote Bag,  for lugging around all of those ‘essentials’ that we couldn’t carry on living without. You never know when you might need that pen with no ink right? ModCloth’s Wisdom By Winston Tote is an a word, adorable. Designed exclusively by talented illustrator Gemma Correll, this playful tote will be the envy of all your gal pals. Oversized bags are a big hit on the highstreet at the moment so why not opt for something to be cherished; be unique and stand out from the rest. etsy - pug sunflower balaclava

My fourth piece is something exclusively for our furry friends! We all know by now that pugs seriously know how to kill it when it comes to that sulky-sultry, almost model-like poise. I mean who else could pull off essentially a sunflower balaclava? Etsy is home to some of the most quirky, handcrafted gems and this sunflower hat is no exception. A pug pup donning one of these sweet sunflower hats is sure to put the rest of us to shame: it’s doggy fashion at its best!

pug life - pj set

Sometimes, getting our pug-on by day just isn’t enough! This leads me on to my fifth and final piece – the David & Goliath Pug Life PJ set. Just when you thought lounging around in your Pjs couldn’t get any better, the pugs step on the scene! This pretty-in-pink set is perfect for some cosy bedtime luxury and what’s more, these charming pugs have made stylish slumber a reality!

Fashion has certainly bewildered us once more; long live the pug!

Danielle Bagworth

Dani Bagworth is an avid writer on the ever expanding world of fashion, letting you into secrets of what’s hot and what’s not! Oh and of course, a diehard pug devotee.

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