National Poetry Day 2014: Make A Confession To The 7 Deadly Poets!

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Today is National Poetry Day and there is something very exciting and unusual going on. The Poetry App are hosting an event over on their Tumblr account where you can submit an anonymous confession (and it can be as wild, as sad or as normal as you like) and in response they will give you a poem in return.

Below is the official blurb…

There is a poem for every confession

Our team of 7 Deadly Poets are just like you – struggling with the day-to-day complexities of life, balancing a family, having affairs, declaring their unrequited love and feeling completely alone.  No matter how you feel, one of our poets has felt the same, whether it’s Larkin the city boy or the fragile mother within Plath. Feeling a bit naughty? Perhaps Yeats is your man.

This National Poetry Day, The Poetry App invites you to anonymously submit your confessions on Tumblr and Twitter, no matter how big, small, weird or wonderful. You will then receive a reply from The Poetry App with some suitable verse to help you feel better with poetry.

How fun is that…

This to me sounds like a lot of fun and also a really interesting experiment. I love poetry from the classics to the cult and the more modern – I occasionally even take a stab at writing it (it is usually pretty awful).

I also have (as I am sure you do too) a confession or two that I could quite happily submit (it doesn’t hurt that it is anonymous).

I really like the concept of the 7 Deadly Poets and think it is a really creative and unique way to encourage people to add a bit of poetry to their lives. Poetry can be beautiful, moving, provocative, sexy and world-changing – so more of this cannot be a bad thing.

I urge you to check it out and have some fun, or maybe even find some solace this National Poetry Day.

Where can you join in and get your poetry fix?

The Poetry App can be found on Tumblr here: and on Twitter here:

Download The Poetry App for iPad and iPhone

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