Patrick Stewart Eats His First “Slice” Of Pizza, Age 72!

I am a bit of a ‘fan-girl’ for Patrick Stewart – not only is he one of Star Fleets finest Captains, as well as being the only guy I’d willing let inside my head (let’s face it – it would be rude not to give Professor X access), he is also a really super nice guy, who has time for fans and does a lot of lovely things for charity – esp. for women who have been domestically abused. He also has the coolest voice that is perfect for narration, and voice acting (esp. in video games).

…I will stop there as I think my ‘fan-girl’ is showing.

So when I came across a tweet of his, it kind of amazed me that at the glorious age of 72 he had only just had his first “slice” of pizza. I am guessing that this is not his first foray into Pizzadom, but is just a case of him not having grabbed a quick slice somewhere…but still. Grabbing a slice is such a great and yummy thing to do – I am surprised he has held off until now.

This is the picture he tweeted along with the following caption:

“My first ever pizza “slice”. Please note: the authentic NY fold.”

Patrick stewart Pizza slice

And do you know what? I am fairly sure he has that fold down pretty well! Though as I am not a native New Yorker, I can’t say that for sure… If you are from NY feel free to chime in.

I actually love the fact that he shared this, sure this tweet isn’t gonna change the world, but it is so nice to see people trying new things and sharing stuff just for a smile. No political statements – just pizza – which as we all know, even when it is bad it is good. 

Susie McBeth

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